Motel 6 Chain Goes Green

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Affordable Motels for Travelers Taking a Shot at Being Eco-Friendly

Motel 6 Green PolicyThis past weekend, we were called to the road, and made the long trek from Portland to San Francisco. Stopping halfway (or slightly more than halfway), we found that the cheapest way to do this was to stay overnight in Redding at the Motel 6. A no-frills motel chain that typically offers the best prices for travelers needing no more than a night in any given city, regardless of the size of that city, Motel 6 has been a go-to staple of the modern business traveler. If you’re hitting the road as a musician or a touring writer, then you also, most likely, have taken advantage of the no-frills, super cheap stay. Which brings me to my green point.

When a company gets as enmeshed in society, and has as many locations as a nation-wide motel chain like Motel 6, do they have some kind of corporate social responsibility to maintain some kind of eco-friendly principles? While this may not be majority opinion, sadly, by any stretch of the imagination, this does seem to represent the decision of corporate people behind Motel 6. During our stay in the motel this weekend, I noticed this handy little green card, detailing the eco-friendly policies of Motel 6.

Motel 6 Nation-wide Motel Chain Goes Green?
That tiny card is titled, “Go Green With Motel 6,” and we found it on the bedside table, prominently placed. It states, alongside the picture of the leafy green tree: “All Motel 6 properties have made a commitment to be sensitive to our fragile environment.” Sounds like a good start. While many hotels have long employed a towel policy, asking travelers to re-use towels as much as they can and letting them know how exactly to request fresh ones (often by leaving towels on the floor of the bathroom, for instance), many motels and hotels could surely go further in their green pursuits.

So has Motel 6 done anything else? Here’s is how they offer a synergistic going green relationship:

  • Hang towels you will re-use (as we just mentioned, the most common green pursuit)
  • Turn off the TV and lights when leaving your room
  • Adjust or turn off the heating/AC unit when leaving your room
  • We will remake your bed daily and change your linens every third day
  • Motel 6 participates in the EPA’s Energy Star Conservation program
  • Motel 6 participates in the National Partnership for Environmental Priorities

So you decide. Has Motel 6 sufficiently gone green?

Find out even more about Motel 6’s green policy and efforts.

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