Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith on Meditation

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Michael Beckwith and Meditation

What Is Agape?

A spiritual leader to many, Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith is the founder of Agape International Spiritual Center (orig. 1986). Agape is a trans-denominational community of thousands of members who gain a spiritual transformation “through meditation, affirmative prayer, visioning, study and humanitarian service.”

Who Is Rev. Michael Beckwith?

Find out more about Rev. Michael Beckwith here, at What Is Enlightenment Magazine Online.

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  1. Ariel Allera: Yes, Being Gay is a Gift from God… And why not?

    What Ed Bacon and Michael Beckwith said on Oprah is the most liberating and heartwarming statement I’ve ever heard on homosexuality. I’ve never hidden myself in the closet so that after I watched that particular episode on YouTube, I’m now as enlightened as both a gay man and a human being, let alone God’s child. I believe in the Bible and of course in the Word of God, and I know we have to live according to His will. What’s in the Bible can be as broad as far as our minds should be, and so there’s more to it than what it could literally mean. What is definitely for certain (and a hundred-percent the true) is that God’s love is unconditional so that so long as we are at peace with the Lord, no matter what we do or what our decisions are, we will always be guided and should never get lost, and that includes where the thought of being gay is concerned which is, thankfully, a gift from God. Hence, God bless all the gays on earth. (

  2. Ariel – Thanks for your visit and your insightful, heart-felt comment. My opinions on religion are strong and though I won’t go in to them here, I will tell you that the essence of any “God” in terms of one’s spiritual beliefs must be comprehensively inclusive, or it just doesn’t make sense. Whatever force one feels is guiding the universe, it seems to me quite obvious that they are responsible for all creatures that are here, and therefore would omit nothing and no one from their divine consideration.

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