MetroPaint: 100% Recycled Latex Paint in Oregon

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MetroPaint Recycled Latex in Oregon

MetroPaint Recycled Latex in Oregon

Advertising in the weekly paper Willamette Week, is an interesting company that appears to be run by the Oregon Metro government office. The ad reads: “What’s Green Seal certified and comes in colors from barn red to summer-sky blue? MetroPaint 100% recycled latex paint. Better for the environment. Great for your home. Just $11 or less per gallon.” There is a simple, boxed image of a gallon of paint, the ad is unfortunately and oddly (budgetary constraints?) in black and white, and the MetroPaint graphic is imprinted on the side, with the text in heavy bold: “$11 or less per gallon!

Ads like this always catch my eye. Brands that market themselves as eco-friendly and cost effective seem to have a leg up in the marketplace, and I thought I’d present the info here in this post. The ad goes on to say, “Available at MetroPaint, Miller Paint stores, select Fred Meyer stores and participating independent dealers.”After a bit of investigating, I learned that MetroPaint is “a recycled interior/exterior latex paint that is filtered to industry standards and tested for performance and environmental safety,” according to the website. It comes in 5-gallon pails and 1-gallon cans, and can be used anywhere that traditional latex paint can.

Find a complete MetroPaint color chart here.

For more info, visit: Oregon Metro or call 503-234-3000 for locations.

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