Making Christmas a Green Holiday

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Making Christmas as Green as Possible
Green Christmas Ideas

You’re most likely gonna’ hear a lot this holiday season about turning your holiday into a more green experience. When you think about offsetting your travel across country with carbon purchases, or recycling your wrapping paper, or re-using holiday decorations, you start to come up with some relatively painless ways to be a bit kinder to the planet without really sacrificing too much of what you’re used to for Christmas. What about solar lights for the house or tree? Or any other ideas for those inclined to be more assertive in their plan to go green anywhere possible?

This is the best post I’ve found so far that includes a ton of practical and meaningful ideas to make the holiday more green: How to Plan a Solar-Powered Christmas over at the CalFinder Solar blog, where users can find nationwide information on home solar power contractors and more. Check out the post and the blog.


  1. I love CalFinder and your blog is awesome. I have been constantly thinking about how green my Christmas is and to be honest it is kind of bumming me out a little. I think I need to loosen up a little. Some nights I won’t even turn on the tree lights and when my daughters want a cookie at a Holiday show, I want to say no if it comes from a brand I know has partially hydrogenated fats. You know what I am saying? People think I go way over the top but it just seems like every little bit counts.

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