Looking for Love in All the Green Places

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All You Need Is Love

green romance and dating

Look around: the world puts a lot of emphasis on dating. Romance is the grist of one of our society’s most productive mills. Romantic comedies, dating advice books, day-time talk shows, so-called reality TV’s relentless focus on foibles of young, attractive bachelors and bachelorettes—everywhere you look, someone is looking for love, and if Hollywood and TV are to be believed, most of us are looking for it in the wrong places.

And if you’re green-minded, dating can be even more difficult. Whether you’re a dedicated eco-warrior or just a casual supporter of sustainable living, you want to find a partner who shares your views and passions. Eating vegan, riding a bicycle, growing your own food—the eco-friendly lifestyle is a choice, and in order to be satisfied in your relationship, you need to find a partner who understands and supports your choices.

Finding a Starting Point When It Comes to Green Romance

Where to begin? Well, let’s take a look at the old model for dating. In the old days, you might have prowled around the city in your clunky cur, scouting bars and clubs, striking up conversations with other singles. Maybe you’d attend a singles mixer, or sign up for a speed-dating event.

Technology has changed the way we interact, and it has changed the way we look for love. Nowadays, singles in your area are more likely to be on the Internet than in a bar, and singles with a passion for environmental issues are able to connect directly on an online dating website. And using the web to find an online date is undeniably green.

Simply log on to a dating site, search for singles with similar interests and passions, and use the interface to connect with potential partners. There are even specific dating sites that cater to “green singles.”

In the real world, speed dating can be a nerve-wracking ordeal: it’s like going through four years of high school in an hour. But online speed dating is generally more laid back, with less emphasis on physical appearance and more of a focus on finding common ground.

Once you find a single with whom you feel you might have a connection, set up a green date. Use public transportation, or pick a central place to meet—maybe you can start the date by biking to a restaurant, bar, or park.

A picnic can be a perfect green first date, and it gives you an opportunity to show off your green-cooking chops! The important thing to remember is that dating does not have to be consumer-driven, carbon-heavy, or wasteful. Your life is not a reality TV program, and your date should be a genuine gesture that grows organically out of your passions and preoccupations. Good luck.

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