Firsthand Proof of Global Warming: Will Steger Explains in Live Conference

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Live Conference: Man Trekking Across Polar Ice Caps, Global Warming Prevalent

The polar ice caps are melting due to global warming, and Will Steger can prove it. Steger, environmental activist and founder of the Will Steger Foundation, is embarking on a 1,400 mile dog-sled expedition across Ellesmere Island in the most northern area of Greenland.

Six other team members in their twenties join him from Norway, Canada, England and the U.S.

Expedition Leads to Global Warming Discoveries

We listened in on a live conference with Steger as he talked about his plans to explore the region. He also discussed what he has learned over the past three decades and what he predicts for the future. According to Steger, his trip to Ellesmere takes him to the front lines of global warming where the last remaining ice shelves are breaking off.

“In 1989 to 1990, [we] crossed the Arctic peninsula…by 2002 the ice shelf had totally disintegrated,” he said during his interview. The biggest concern he claimed is not the rising sea levels but the change in heat affecting the region. “Last summer, 50 percent of ice was lost, which is a shock to even conservative scientists,” he said.

The more heat there is hitting exposed darker water surfaces, the more it absorbs the heat and amplifies the global warming process. This in turn creates a domino effect where the overall temperature rises and can lead to melting in over 3 million square miles of permafrost. “One of the problems of permafrost melting,” he explained, “is structural problems, and the other is the release of methane gases into the atmosphere.”

The Will Steger Foundation

The Will Steger Foundation in Minnesota creates programs that educate about global warming, increase public awareness concerning environmental issues and foster leadership through environmental education policy. They are now looking for ways to advance state and federal policies to tackle with the issues global warming has caused.

Global Warming 101 raises awareness through Will Steger’s polar expeditions. The goal is to present a unique point of view about how climate change is affecting the Arctic region. Part of that is developing solutions for the future.

“We’ve been looking at these issues for over 20 years, and now we only have maybe 10 years to find solutions,” said Steger.
Fortunately, wind and power are promising power sources, while transportation issues can be solved with ethanol solutions.

“We need it at this point, we have it immediately, corn is slowly evolving as technology for it is developing,” he stated. Countering the argument that ethanol is worse for the environment, he said it is more efficient than burning carbon dioxide while the new generation of corn ethanol plants are using biomass for the drying process and using 20 to 40 percent less carbon dioxide overall. He also stands as a proponent of ethanol as an interim, short-term solution until bio-fuels can be developed from dense prairie grasses, like switch grass.

Thank you to Will Steger for the live conference and good luck to him and his exploration crew!

Will Steger Global Warming Video Interview


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