Life Energies by Gary Null

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Gary Null on Life Energies

More About Life Energies, the Film by Gary Null

What is the force behind a charismatic person? Why are some people leaders, and others are followers? Join Accomplished Filmmaker Gary Null, PhD, as he explains the mysteries and motivations behind Life Energies. There are three main personality types: dynamic, creative and adaptive, and Gary unravels the complicated ways in which these personality types can be predictors of how you live your life. Gary Null is an award-winning producer of over 20 feature Documentaries on major public health issues. Null is also a New York Times best selling author on health and nutrition, the host of the longest –running health radio program in America, Natural Living, and a Producer of PBS Programs.

Further Gary Null Resources

Anyone can listen to broadcasts of Gary Null’s programs online at the Progressive Radio Network.

Podcasts can also be downloaded for free through Itunes online. You simply search for “Gary Null” in the Itunes store, click on the show or shows that you want to hear, then load it onto your Ipod or MP3 player.

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