Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Goes Green?

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NBC’s Late Night Going Green With Jimmy Fallon?
Late Night Jimmy Fallon Goes Green
So the early 2009 headline was that the television show “Late Night” with SNL alum Jimmy Fallon was supposedly going green. After joining up (late, I know) with Twitter (Matty Byloos profile) last week, I was blasted with potential peoples of interest to begin following. It’s all an experiment, really. So I dropped Oprah and started following Fallon on Twitter. Which lead me to these late headlines.

So post-March 2 when Fallon took over the show, he was set to have one of the very first tv studios that has been built in an entirely eco-friendly fashion. Did it work? I’m going to keep digging around the Internet for more news about how this is working out. I know the NBC Green Is Universal campaign is something they have continued, and I think it’s both necessary and smart for celebrities to create something of a push for going green, however much or little it helps. A change in consciousness is no easy thing to do, and in my opinion, every little bit helps.

Jimmy Fallon Makes the Late Show Green: How?

“Everything is recycled,” he told the NY Post in an interview earlier this year. “We are building everything with recycled metals and using all green lighting. We are starting [construction] from scratch so it is NBC’s policy that we make everything from the ground up entirely green. Everything.”

With the heightened focus on New York, this may indeed end up being a good thing. In a way, New York functions as the strongest city-presence overseas and perhaps in the world, maybe next to Hollywood or Los Angeles. So what would that do for the States if our national reputation began to swing in this direction?

More Green Elements on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Fallon apparently conducts his interviews now from behind a recycled desk (that was the property of the set’s designer, Leo Yoshimori.) Yoshimori and Showman Fabricators have built a sustainable stage leveraging the following green building practices: low- or no-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints, seating reclaimed and refurbished from Radio City Music Hall, and audience carpeting and band platform are from recycled building materials.

Wanna’ follow up with continuing green practices? Why not Tweet Jimmy Fallon yourself?

See pictures of the Late Night Green Set here, on Treehugger.

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