Kind Toys: Eco-Friendly Toys and Games in the UK

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Trying to Be Eco-Friendly With Kids

Eco-Cradle at Kind Toys UK

Eco-Cradle at Kind Toys UK

If becoming more eco-conscious has been on your to-do list for the last several years, and you’re a mommy or a daddy, or even a grandparent for that matter, then you know the all-too-obvious truth — it’s tough to be eco-friendly when you’re constantly giving gifts and surprises to the babies. But there are options!

We’ve talked about recycling gift-wrapping, especially things like bows and ribbons. We’ve discussed creating Christmas cards out of the ones that you received. But what about companies who specifically make baby and child products for eco-sensible families? They exist! And if you’re in the UK, then we’d like to send you over to investigate Kind Toys: Eco-Friendly Toys and Games by premiere manufacturers in the UK.

According to the website, which appears to still be undergoing some tweaking an development, “Kind Toys is the online toy shop for all your needs in children toys that will not cost the earth in more ways than one.” Taking a look around, there appears to be a great line of products, toys and games already up, with special deals for shipping around the UK, as well.Shopping Eco-Friendly for Children in the UK

Like the Eco-cradle, pictured above, at Kind Toys. The Eco-Cradle is essentially a baby cradle made entirely of corrugated cardboard, which has been designed to cater to babies during their first few months. This is certainly a product that allows parents to be sensitive to the needs of both the baby, and the environment.

“Kind Toys sells toys and games that are inspired and take care of not damaging the environment. All the products sold are green or at least nature aware. The wooden toys we sell are made with either FSC wood, bamboo or rubberwood. Kind Toys sells the following trade marks: Bioviva, Calafant, Kidsonroof, Crafty Kids, Ecoflyers Imagiplay, I love my planet, GeoPuzzle and Kizsack.”

And all Orders over £50 qualify for free shipping on mainland UK.


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