Jobs in the Green Tech Sector

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Lucrative Careers in Lab Work: Green Tech Jobs

green tech lab jobs

Finding a job is not an easy thing to do — and if you’re looking for a career, it can be even harder. Planning your education, moving to the right city, getting lucky when it comes to the timing of openings for jobs you’d actually enjoy — none of it easy, and it all takes hard work and lots of consideration.

So what about green tech jobs?

We hear about it all the time. Money is flooding into the green tech and health and wellness industries: solar, alternative energy, biotech, all the way over to homeopathy, chiropractic and holistic health care, and more. Almost all of these jobs are great, and and out there for the taking — given the right degree and enough motivation.

Jobs in Green Tech: Working in a Lab Environment

If you were a science buff as far back as high school, and you can remember spending countless hours either in the biology or chemistry labs (or both!), then one thing you’ll love to know is that there are real-world, adult versions of those early passions you once held. In the case of the hard sciences, your high school training was a good first step towards opening up the possibility of jobs in the field.

And surely, part of what turned you on to chemistry and biology was the lab equipment: microscopes, high tech, shiny metals, beakers and flasks. It was all part of the environment in which you found yourself, loving the idea of learning about the human body, or the world in which we live and its chemical makeup. If you went to a good school, then it’s likely you worked with updated equipment, all state of the art, but many of us never got that great of an experience. Working in green tech in a laboratory environment could be the answer to those early dreams — you’d finally get your chance to work around the most reliable, innovative machinery, and get paid to do it.

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Lab technician jobs span a broad range of fields, and can incorporate anything from engineering, materials, medicine, and more. Bio-engineering, aerospace, nursing, x-rays — the sky is literally the limit, and surely you can find something that’s perfect for you. A recent bit of research into the topic of green tech jobs yielded this list of the top 10 great green tech jobs, and it’s worth a look.

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