Is John McCain Really Green?

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How Eco-Friendly Is Republican Nominee John McCain?
John McCain, Republican Presidential Nominee
So it’s pretty clear that the Bush administration has treated the issue of climate change in a completely inept and incompetent manner. With John McCain as the presumptive Republican presidential candidate for the 2008 election, it’s his job to bring the GOP up to date on this whole “global warming” issue.

John McCain Vs. Global Warming

McCain has been calling for greener political initiatives long before Bush’s administration even bothered to acknowledge there is any kind of problem, and while he has been quick to point this out on the campaign trail, his legislative record has been shaky at best. He has called for a mandatory cap-and-trade to reduce U.S. carbon emissions to 60 percent compared to levels from 1990 by 2025 and has also stated in several speeches how working with China and India to stop the issue is one of the necessary steps the U.S. must take to fight global warming. However, this plan looks great on paper, but may not be properly executed compared to the Democrat’s longer-term solutions to search for alternative energy sources.

The verdict on McCain and the environment? He’s definitely a green Republican, but not quite the greenest candidate. Granted, he still needs to appease the hardcore members of the GOP, yet now is the time for him to show just what he can do to convince the American people he can battle climate change. Don’t give up on him — he was a POW, after all. But so far, the greenest president possible is on the Dems side.

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