An Interview With Ford's New "Green" Marketing Department

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Easy Ways to Go Green Interviews Ford’s Green, Award-Winning Marketing Department

Ford Wins Nielson Award for Green MarketingWith Ford fresh off the heels of becoming the inaugural winner of the first-ever Nielsen Automotive Green Marketer of the Year award, Easy Ways to Go Green had the opportunity to pose a few questions to the marketing team behind the award winning campaign and brand. Below are the answers and the questions in this unabridged, brief interview.

EW2GG Question #1) Congratulations on the award for Green Marketing. In what way(s) do you think this will shape the perception of both Ford and the American automotive industry?

Sallie Hirsch: Our research shows that green marketing has a positive impact on consumers’ perception of automotive brands like Ford. In general, consumers reported a 67% increase in opinion for brands that advertise green messages and products. We saw opinions increase for all types of green messages, from simple miles-per-gallon to electric vehicles.

EW2GG Question #2) How do you see the dual roles of green marketing and green manufacturing working together?

Sallie Hirsch: As awareness around green marketing has increased, so has consumers’ understanding of all the complex ways an automotive company can be green. That said, there is still a learning process for any new technology and marketing will play a key role in helping the average consumer understand the benefits and limitations.

EW2GG Question #3) How was the winning campaign(s) initially devised? Was the green element a part of the strategy from the very outset?

Sallie Hirsch
: We cannot comment on the creation of Ford’s green marketing campaigns and the initial strategy vs. the final product.

EW2GG Question #4) In terms of shaping or re-configuring the public’s perception, how do you think both the campaign(s) as well as the award will affect Ford’s reputation, and consequently, sales in the forthcoming year(s)?

Sallie Hirsch: The research shows that there are many brands vying for consumers’ attention for green messages. We believe having the strongest marketing in this space now, which the award represents, will help position companies well for the next few years when more and more alternative fuel vehicles come to market.

Thanks for answering our questions!

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