5 Interesting Solar Projects Currently Under Construction in California

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California’s Solar Connection: First in the Country

sunrise power california

California is one of the foremost states to implement alternative energy sources, especially when it comes to solar power. And there are many projects currently underway that are noteworthy and interesting, specifically from the consumer’s perspective.

As a state, California is well on its way to achieving the goals set out by the California Renewable Energy Program. And so with multiple projects going on in the state of California when it comes to renewables, here we take a look at the most current solar power related projects in the state.

Sunrise Power Project, CA

The Sunrise Power Project is located south of Bakersfield in Kern County. The application was originally filled for a co-generation facility in order to generate electricity for sale and produce steam meant for use in adjacent oil fields in thermally-enhanced oil recovery processes. This has since been modified and the power plant is being extended to increase generation capacity.

sutter energy project CA

Sutter Energy Project

The Sutter Energy Project is going to institute a 540 megawatt natural gas-fired, combined cycle facility consisting of multiple turbine generators. This plant will be located close to Yuba City, run by San Jose-based Calpine Corporation. This project is the first of many that Calpine Corporation has in the works. This power plant will help minimize the energy shortage in California through providing corporations with more access to natural energy.

Los Medanos Energy Center

The Los Medanos Energy Center processing plant, based in Pittsburg, CA on a 12-acre site, will provide process steam to USS-Posco Industries facilities. The electrical energy produced from this power plant will be sold to California’s regional power pool. Currently it has added at least 555 megawatts of energy to the state’s strained power grid.

los medanos california solar

Larkspur Energy Facility Emergency Peaker Project

The Larkspur Energy Facility Emergency Peaker Project construction proposal would allow for a generation facility consisting of “gas turbine engines” that will generate 90 MW of energy. The plant will be located in the city of San Diego. This plant has helped the state meet its increased summer electricity demand.

Alliance Drews Emergency Peaker Project

The two power generation and gas-fired peaker facilities related to Alliance Drews will be constructed in Colton, California. According to the California Energy Commission, the electrical output of each of the facilities will be approximately 40 megawatts.

These projects are all evidence that California is in no danger of losing its standing as one of the most solar power friendly states in America. They will provide the state of California with more opportunities to utilize solar power in various ways, and help the state become even greener in its energy efficiency.

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