Intelligent Energy Solutions: Cost-Effective Energy Efficiency

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UK Company Offers Affordable Solar Panel and Heat Pump Energy Solutions

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Environmental and energy security concerns have pushed renewable energy to the top of many governments’ priorities. The UK is no exception. Beginning in 2010, a feed-in-tariff program has been implemented to provide financial incentives to help accelerate investment in renewable energy. These incentives are cost-based, meaning that compensation is dependent on the cost of the renewable energy system.

Solar energy systems are therefore eligible for higher rates than wind due to the relatively higher cost of producing energy through solar technology. Unfortunately, this price advantage is not permanent. In April 2012, the feed in tariff for solar panels will be reduced to reflect the decline in solar panel prices. However, installations commissioned before then will still be guaranteed for 25 years at the current rate.

That leaves businesses, homeowners and public institutions a window of opportunity to take advantage of low solar panel costs and high feed in tariff rates–guaranteeing a great return on investment over the next 25 years.

Solar Energy Systems Can Provide an Annual ROI of 10% and More

Given this favorable situation, leading UK energy efficiency company Intelligent Energy Solutions (IES) is promoting solar panel installations before the feed in tariff revisions go into effect. With estimated annual returns of up to 10% and beyond, anyone seeking cost-effective energy efficiency measures would be wise to consider solar.

IES warns that the upcoming feed in tariff changes are likely to create a surge in solar panel installations, possibly outstripping current supplies and resulting in many projects being completed after the deadline. For that reason, the company suggests that customers act sooner rather than later to ensure they remain eligible for current feed in tariff rates.

Heat Pumps Provide Year-Round Energy Efficiency

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Heat pumps extract heat from either the surrounding air (air source heat pumps) or from the ground and water (ground source heat pumps), pumping it into your home to provide central heating and water heating. With efficiencies of 300% to 400% and up, heat pumps offer virtually unparalleled savings on fuel bills.

That’s not to mention qualifying for the Renewable Heat Premium as well as the new Renewable Heat Incentive, which currently only applies to commercial applications (domestic applications are expected to be included in 2012). These programs offer up to £850 upfront and £1250 per year to system owners, respectively.

Heat pumps can be easily integrated with solar panel systems as well, together providing a complete energy efficiency solution that reduces energy costs, pays owners through the feed in tariff program and lowers carbon emissions.

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