INFOGRAPHIC: Graphite, the Key Ingredient Behind Green Energy

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The Driving Force Behind Green Technology

What we consumer around the globe in terms of natural graphite has literally exploded over the last decade, climbing from almost 600,000 tonnes (2000) to nearly 1.1 million tonnes by 2011. With demand steadily on the increase at roughly 5% per year, researchers find the emerging power house economies mostly at the root of this phenomenon (China, India, etc.).

And with the technology revolution in full swing, and more and more countries adopting new tech and mobile phone use, for example, graphite’s use in new applications such as fuel cells, solar power, nuclear power and lithium-ion batteries, it looks as if there will be little abatement in the demand.

With electric vehicles on the rise concurrently (in developed nations), the lithium battery technology will simultaneously increase in demand, and more graphite will be needed. The graphite found in nature takes on a few forms: lump, amorphous, and flake, which comprises almost 40% of what is found on the planet. China alone is responsible for producing nearly 70% of the world’s graphite. Inforgraphic is below.

Infographic on Graphite: The Driving Force Behind Green Technology
Graphite and Green Tech Infographic

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