INFOGRAPHIC: Consumer Spending and Going Green

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How Your Money Matters When You Take Steps to Go Green

As more and more people become savvy about saving the environment and taking concrete steps to improve the health of the planet, some things come to light. First, it’s a tough haul, cleaning up the mess of past generations. Next, while optimism is nice, it’s seeming more and more like we won’t be able to undo the damage we’ve already caused¬† — instead, mitigating current damage and preserving things into the future seems the best place to put one’s eco-energy.

Making gradual changes in one’s life for the betterment of the planet and on a daily basis, however, can go a long way, especially as the collective effort of many all over the globe. Today we share with our audience another great infographic detailing the relationship between going green, and saving or spending money. Where you put your dollars goes a long way toward tending for the planet, as you’ll quickly find out in the graphic.

A Graphic Version of the Information Behind Finances and Going Green

Go Green (Infographic)


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