Increasing Phoenix Arizona AC Energy Efficiency

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Unconventional Methods for Increasing Energy Efficiency

In Phoenix, Arizona, air conditioning is a requisite part of living in the Grand Canyon State. However, while A/C may be essential, there’s no need to resign yourself to sky-scraping utility bills and excess energy consumption.

Home air conditioning is accountable for the release of approximately 140 million tons of carbon dioxide release each year. With that said, many of us are already versed in traditional conservation methods, such as slight adjustments to the thermostat and alternating Phoenix air conditioning usage with fans.

However, truly paring down your energy bills and reducing the need for Arizona air conditioning requires a well-rounded approach. Add the following tips to your energy-saving arsenal, reduce those utility bills and tend to your eco-friendly state of mind.

Home Appliances and Air Conditioning in Phoenix, Arizona

At this point, it’s fairly well known that converting your Arizona air conditioning system and other home appliances to ENERGY STAR models can help shave a substantial percentage from your utility bills. However, incorporating a few minor adjustments into your daily life can make an even greater impact on the environment and reduce your overall energy consumption.

Appliances such as your dryer, dishwasher and oven emit a great deal of heat and increase the level of humidity in your home. Reduce the workload of your Phoenix air conditioning system by limiting home appliance usage to off-peak times and the coolest points of day, as with morning and evening hours. Putting this tip into practice will moderate your need for air conditioning in Phoenix, Arizona, and place less stress on the entire HVAC system.

In addition, consider whether the home appliances you are using are a necessity for the task at hand. Whenever possible, opt for a countertop grill, microwave oven or toaster rather than a high-heat standard oven. Smaller appliances release much less heat, require less energy and won’t overburden your Phoenix air conditioning system.

When you have little choice but to use a standard oven, try cooking with glass bake ware. With glass dishes, you can decrease the cooking temperature, keep your home a little cooler and place less strain on your Arizona air conditioning system.

Phoenix, Arizona Air Conditioning — Keep the Lights Down

Home lighting alone comprises over one-tenth of most utility bills. Additionally, lighting increases heat and enhances the need for air conditioning in Phoenix, Arizona.

Turn off the lights unless absolutely necessary and switch to compact fluorescent bulbs. You can also utilize natural indoor lighting by installing energy efficient windows, which will keep cool air indoors and reduce the need to run your Arizona air conditioning unit.

Another way to reduce the need for A/C and artificial lighting is by painting your walls with colors that don’t absorb as much heat and brighten up the interior of your home.

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