Quick Recycling Tip: How to Recycle Silk Flowers

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This post is part of an attempt to do something like 100 recycling tips for damn near anything in something close to, anyway, 100 days. We’ll see how that goes. When the 100 Recycling Tips are all published here on Easy Ways to Go Green, we’ll do a master list so that every link exists on one single page for everyone to be able to link over to, or to use as a reference guide when questions on how to recycle different things in your life inevitably come up.

How to Recycle 100 Common Things: #2 Silk Flowers

How to Recycle Silk Flowers

How to Recycle Silk Flowers

If you’ve done any kind of party or wedding planning, or perhaps know someone who has, then chances are you have come into contact with silk flower arrangements.

If you plan to throw them out, or are simply switching silk plants for live ones in the office or in your home, then consider the fact that you can recycle silk flower arrangements. Here’s how. Remember, composting fake flowers and plants is not an option, no matter how much sense that seems to make.

There is no “Recycling Center” for silk flowers — this is a more novel approach to recycling, which involves getting a bit crafty and re-using the silk flowers for other projects. Some good ideas: with hot glue gun as your main tool, consider adding floral details to lampshades, handbags, or jewelry. My favorite re-use tip? Try incorporating the old, unwanted silk flowers into packaging for gifts. With hot glue as your aid once again, you can decorate gift-wrapped items and add some extra love by attaching the flowers to ribbons instead of or in addition to bows.

Helpful Links on Recycling Silk Flowers:
Recycle Silk Flowers Info on Bright Hub

Recycling Silk Flowers on eHow, where they advocate donating them to places like nursing homes.

Check out Recycled Crafts where they teach you how to use old silk flowers for things like Halloween Wreaths for holiday decorating.

Information on About My Planet where they talk about more crafty ideas and the durability of silk flowers, making them ideal candidates for re-use style recycling.


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