Quick Recycling Tip: How to Recycle Disposable Cigarette Lighters

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This post is part of an attempt to do something like 100 recycling tips for damn near anything in something close to, anyway, 100 days. We’ll see how that goes. When the 100 Recycling Tips are all published here on Easy Ways to Go Green, we’ll do a master list so that every link exists on one single page for everyone to be able to link over to, or to use as a reference guide when questions on how to recycle different things in your life inevitably come up.

How to Recycle 100 Common Things: #25 Recycling Disposable Cigarette Lighters

How to Recycle Disposable Cigarette Lighters

How to Recycle Disposable Cigarette Lighters

I’m in my mid-thirties, and have been living in either Los Angeles or Portland over the last ten years. In that time, maybe because of my creative pursuits, I’ve seen an uptick in the amount of young people smoking. Generally, the habit seems to not be going away, which means, more packaging and more disposable lighters. So can those disposable cigarette lighters actually be recycled in any way? Or re-filled and put to a second use?

Upon “finishing” up the last bit of fuel in a disposable lighter, one of the more crucial pieces is still in play, which is the flint. Start by removing the spark wheel, otherwise you might turn the flint into a mini-trajectory and lose it somewhere several feet away on the floor or in the carpet.

Zippos lighters pretty much all take the standard size flint that you’ll find in a common, over the counter disposable Bic style lighter. Those in the know will swear by the fact that the flints used in disposable lighters are actually longer-lasting than the refill packages you can purchase at the drug store for your Zippo. So it would seem that Recycling the flints is one surefire way to bring recycling into the mix.

After that, the metal should be recyclable with other similar metals, and the plastic should be sorted with the plastics. This was a tough one to find concrete information on, so if we were wrong on the recyclable nature once you take the lighters apart, please write to us or leave a comment.

Helpful Links on Recycling Disposable Cigarette Lighters:

Search by “Disposable Lighters” or “Butane Lighters” and “Your City Name or Zip Code” at Earth 911 and find the closest recycling center near you.

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Video On How to Refill and Reuse a Disposable Butane Cigarette Lighter

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