How to Be Green With Diabetes or Arthritis

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Going Green to Help With Ailments. Is It Possible?

going green with arthritis

Health? Wellness? Exercise? Holistic consideration when looking for answers? What makes the best recipe for dealing with a condition like arthritis or diabetes? Is it possible to still adopt a green lifestyle, and deal with these illnesses? Can going green actually help to mitigate the problems associated with arthritis and diabetes, among other conditions? What if we told you the answer was likely, YES!(?)

Working to adopt more “green” habits, regardless of your age, your station in life, your overall physical health — it can never hurt, and it should be considered a priority. In fact, there has been a healthy amount of research dedicated to measuring the connection between a more (eco-)conscious style of living, and total wellness. Suffice it to say, learning how to maintain a healthier view of the planet, and then taking steps to do your part, can actually help a person to heal. Maybe the connection isn’t direct, but raising the level of one’s consciousness can only help in the process. It’s not that complicated a notion.

Dealing With Arthritis & Diabetes: Going Green To Feel Better

So what does any of this specifically have to do with these medical conditions? Part of this has to do with consciousness at the dietary level, for sure — choosing to eat better, buying locally grown, pesticide free, sustainable produced, organic vegetables and fruit — in a phrase, crafting a better diet, is a chief factor in total health for anyone at any stage of life. Removing harmful, over-processed foods can be step one in dealing with conditions such as diabetes or arthritis.

When you select poultry that is certified organic and / or grass fed beef from a sustainable purveyor, you’re essentially removing harmful antibiotics and growth hormones from your diet, and from the food chain. Organic meats taste better, and they’re better for you. Eating a more balanced, carefully selected group of foods ultimately results in improved and sustained health for your body.

It’s no secret that carefully selecting healthy foods, and avoiding processed, hormone-laden foods that compromise one’s immune system, is an essential part of the victory over things like arthritis, or in managing and reducing your diabetes symptoms.

Going green around the house often starts with a bit of inventory — finding ways to reduce energy usage, or to remove harmful, toxic chemicals like cleaning solutions or lead paint from the environment where you live. Sure, you’ve changed the light bulbs to CFLs already, but have you changed the way you live with chemicals? Next time you have an ant infestation, rather than spraying some toxic solution on the problem, consider mixing peppermint extract oil with water, and put it into a spray bottle. With 10 drops of oil to every 1 cup of water, you’ve got a potent, natural, non-harmful answer that replaces the toxic chemical that once laid waste to the air you breath in your living space.

Many of the harshest chemicals quite easily found as a part of tons of common household cleaners can lead to seriously damaging health effects, and have been tied to various types of arthritis, too. If you’ve got allergies, or autoimmune health conditions, or worse — respiratory conditions — then removing these toxins from your environment is mandatory.

From the Arthritis Foundation website: “Even short-term exposure to volatile organic compounds – gases given off by chemicals in household cleaners and disinfectants – may be linked to increased inflammation in those who have arthritis, asthma, dermatitis and migraines, according to a study done by the department of emergency medicine at East Carolina Uni­versity School of Medicine, Greenville, N.C.”



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