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Creative Ideas for Reusing and Recycling Random Stuff

How Can I Recycle This This is by far one of the coolest and most useful sites I’ve found in a long time. There’s nothing like a functional website for the environmentally conscious, especially when you’ve got questions about how exactly some things should be recycled.

How can I recycle this?” is a website that is run by Louisa Parry and John Leach, who live together in Leeds in the United Kingdom. Their story begins with a bowl of pistachio nutshells, which stumped the pair as to what they might do with it, other than merely composting. That thought led them, naturally, to other things they had lying around the house – leftover items and empty containers – and exactly what they might do with those in the way of re-use and recycling.

Check out the site for loads of useful information, make a contribution or just visit regularly as they try to add new items every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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