Home Garden Update: Weeks 8-9

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More Hot Weather in PDX Means BIG Tomato Growth

Home Garden Portland 2012

Remember where we started out in the beginning of May? Weeks eight and nine has brought serious growth to bed one, with a tomato explosion on the Roma tomato plant at right, and many many pieces of fruit. Now, we’re seeing a couple of banana peppers (far left front), several Serrano peppers (next to the parsley), and even the jalapenos are coming in (far right.) We’ve mowed down that curly parsley so many times for parsley salad it’s not even funny. It won’t die. It just keeps growing.

Early Girl is on the far left in the back, and has been loaded down with fruit, all light green and still with many new flowers budding, for a couple of weeks. In the middle, we’ve got the cherry tomato plant that’s like one of those Super 100 plants, and while it’s being crowded out a bit by its neighbors, the soil we used was very rich, and plenty of water has meant sustained growth and not too much competition for nutrients.

This year, we’ve been a bit better about limiting the green growth of the tomatos, and while I’m always trying to trim her back even more for the sake of the nutrition going to the fruit and not the leaves, it’s a battle around here…

Box 2 in the Garden: The Zucchini Takes Over

Look at that squash GO:

Home Garden Portland 2012

Home Garden Portland 2012

Some slug issues, but nothing too detrimental. Zucchini squash is funny, because you’ll be paying tons of attention to one piece of fruit, and then one day you head out to do your study for the afternoon, and BAM! There’s a GIANT piece of fruit larger than the one you’ve been following, and if you don’t pick it, they get too large and a bit tough. We’re picking our first zucchini tonight and throwin’ it on the BBQ with some lemon juice (fresh squeezed), olive oil, black and red pepper, and fresh chopped garlic. The trick is to grill it lightly, then put it back in the casserole dish with the marinade and let the fruit soak up the lemon and garlic in the oven on warm, until you’re ready to sit down to dinner.

Here’s another update of the tomatoes:

Home Garden Portland 2012

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