Home Garden Update: Weeks 4-5

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Everyone in PDX Benefits From a Little Bit of Sun

Home Garden Portland 2012

Remember where we started out in the beginning of May? Well, look out veggie garden. In just a few short weeks, we have experienced a tomato plant explosion. This year, after our experience last year, we adjusted for location in the backyard, favoring the west side where there’s morning and afternoon/evening sun, as well as timing — we planted very early in May with tomato and pepper starters, and my what a difference.

That Roma tomato on the back right is huge and bearing fruit in just about 6 weeks now. The peppers in front are loaded with flower buds, still quite tiny in this picture. And the curly organic parsley plant in the front row on the left has provided us with several salads, all of which have been delicious, and it just keeps coming back up.

Speaking of parsley salad — here’s the recipe. As much parsley as it takes to fill a small bowl, combined with some sliced avocado, dried mint flakes, garlic salt, cracked black pepper, chopped garlic and shallots. Squeeze a lemon over the top, and drizzle some olive oil before tossing, and letting it all sit for about a half hour before serving. If you’re into tomatoes, you can always cut up a fresh one into small pieces and add that to the mix as well. Soooooo good.

Box 2 in the Garden: The Zucchini and Oregano

We didn’t get a chance to show you the start of Box 2 and now, the 4-5 week marker. Here you go with that:

Home Garden Portland 2012

Home Garden Portland 2012

It’s been mind-blowing for us — just over a month and that zucchini plant went from a handful-sized pile of leaves to a blooming monster, with almost a dozen flowers inside the plant beneath the leaves. The chives in the middle have been moved to 4 different spot in the yard before we settled here, and we’ve got a large tupperware in the freezer of stuff we’ve pulled already. And while the oregano at right took a minute to get going, that one is also taking off nicely. We might have to invest in a dehydrator so that we can dry some herbs efficiently.

Stay tuned for more updates next week!

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