Holistic Select All Natural Pet Food: Product Review

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Holistic Select with Select Actives: All Natural Dog and Cat Food

Holistic Select Pet Food Logo I get a lot of offers for free stuff — in some ways, it’s one of the best benefits of doing a blog project like this. You find yourself in direct contact with really great people who typically stand behind valuable products and services, and they want others to know about them.

Holistic Select food for pets recently contacted me and offered to send me some food, in exchange for a review. Having a cat, I decided — sure. He can always eat better, and if he likes the food, then we’d be doing something to improve his health and extend his life. Not a bad deal.

We had NO idea just how much he was going to love this pet food.

The fine people behind Holistic Select food for pets sent us a nice big bag of Feline Holistic Select dry cat food: Radiant Adult and Kitten Health, Chicken Meal Recipe (approximately a 3 lb. bag); they also sent us a couple of cans of wet food. Based purely on aesthetics, the new packaging is beautiful: simple, elegant and really nice to look at; it’s sized perfectly to fit on top of the refrigerator, as well, without taking up too much space in the kitchen.

According to the website (and the packaging as well), Holistic Select is “Powered by Select Actives,” which include: Direct Fed Microbials & Enzymes, SQM Mineral System, Phytonutrient PowerPack, and Omega Health Fatty Acid Blend. I’m no chemist here, bear that in mind, but the main point of Holistic Select is that the cat or dog comes from nature, therefore, so should the food. And so whatever is in their food, is also found in nature.

Testing the Holistic Select Feline Food on Our Cat

Holistic Select Cat Food Review

Holistic Select Cat Food and Patchen

The Philosophy behind Holistic Select dictates that if you believe in a holistic approach to health and life in your family, then why not extend that sentiment to your pets.

Selecting ingredients found in nature (chicken meal, ground brown rice, chicken fat, oatmeal, anchovy and sardine meal, organic quinoa are just a few), Holistic Select then adds what they call “Select Actives™ […] Nature’s Power Ingredients, like enzymes, live micro-organisms, botanicals and phytonutrients.” It is the combination of all these ingredients that raises your pet’s health to a higher level — “and this is the holistic philosophy that guides all of [their] recipes.”

Patchen, our cat, is enormous at nearly 20 pounds — though not particularly fat. He’s just a big guy. He likes to eat, and we feed him a small portion in both the morning as well as the night. From the moment we removed the cat food from the Fed Ex package, he was ready to get on board. We started him out slowly, transitioning to the new super healthy food slowly as the packaging recommends. Literally, not once since the first bowl a couple of weeks ago, has Patchen had anything but an entirely positive reaction to the diet.

Some Final Thoughts on Holistic Select Feline Food

The proof is always going to be in the pudding with analyses like these — you can talk up a product, and list the scientific research that has gone into its development, but if your pet doesn’t like it, and it doesn’t contribute to their overall well-being, as evidenced in their energy levels and general attitude, then no one is going to use it. With Holistic Select, the reasons are compelling — the company seems to have their heads and hearts in the right place, the philosophy behind their product lines is on point, but perhaps most importantly, the experiment on our cat is living proof that pets actually like and respond positively to the diet. What could be more telling than that?

Testing Holistic Select Radiant Adult & Kitten Health Food

Patchen Testing Holistic Select Cat Food

We will most likely end up transitioning over permanently to Holistic Select, after some further testing and given whatever longer-term results ensue. If I have any criticism, it’s the same thing I tend to focus on quite often — the materials that went into the packaging. Especially when we’re dealing with products that consumers will purchase, use and then throw away often, why not work with fully compostable materials? As an enlightened consumer, I’d be willing to pay just a little bit more for packaging that I could then throw on the compost heap….

Post copyright 2010 Easy Ways to Go Green. Disclaimer: For this post, Holistic Select supplied free cat food and a very small fee in exchange for us conducting the experiment with our cat. These offerings in no way affected or influenced our opinions.


  1. My cats love the dry fish formula. I mean LOVE. I give them the canned fish formula as a treat and my girl kitty would eat the whole can if I let her. ( she usually only eats a few bites of other holisticnatural canned foods). I highly recommend this food.

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