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Information on Organic Food, Eating Organic and Going Green With Food

Eating Organic Food: Benefits and Information“Food, glorious food! Hot sausage and mustard. While we’re in the mood…” …organic spinach and buffalo! So, there’s not a whole lot that rhymes with mustard, yet there is a near infinite amount of information associated with food and how it can make this lovely planet a greener place to be.

With every pun intended, it’s time to plant some seeds — seeds of thought and maybe even a few seeds for produce, focused on sustainable living as well as enjoying better quality foods. Combined, they’ll lead to a healthier and richer lifestyle.

Organic Foods: Why We Should Eat Them

Why should we eat organic foods? When you consider how little you’d actually have to stretch your budget in order to buy organic foods, why WOULDN’T you eat organic all the time? Sure, organic foods are more expensive, but instead of considering food an answer to boredom or hunger, think of it as a fuel source. It’s amazing that individuals are willing to spend frivolously on so many things, but when it comes to what they purchase for biological performance, they’re looking for the best “discounts.”

If quality is worth paying for, then let it start here. Spread the word, organic IS the QUALITY way to go: No funk (and by funk, we’re talking chemical treatment), no steroids, no genetic modification — all natural fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, seeds, nuts and even condiments. Regardless of diet, you can find all food choices in the organic variety. Allowing taste to be the litmus test, there’s absolutely no doubt that organic foods are superior.

The Benefits of Buying Locally When You Eat Organic Produce

When possible, purchasing food from local farmers offers more of a helping hand to your local Eco-system than you may even realize. When you take into account the super-grocers and their shipping demands, you can see that a pound of apples leaves far more of a carbon trace than what seems like a biodegradable apple core. Locally grown crops and animal proteins are a great way to ensure quality of product, while offering support to farmers interested in producing quality foods and sustaining the land they farm.

Farmers Markets: Why They Make a Difference in Your Diet

Eating Organic Food: Benefits and InformationOne of the best ways to purchase locally produced foods is through a farmers market. From coast to coast, markets are in some of the smaller American cities and towns. In the larger metro environments, it’s common to have multiple options from which to choose.

When you’re looking for fresh, organic foods (and some good conversation), look no further than a local farmers market. Monetarily speaking, when you cut out the middleman, you cut cost, eliminating the “organic is too expensive” argument. It’s a win-win-win situation for producer, consumer and environment.

Seasonal Dieting: Another Path to Greater Nutrition and Health

Taking local buying and shopping at a farmers market to the next rung of the ladder, there’s a question we all need to ask ourselves: What can I live without? When you think of this question, it’s easy to see how extravagant our lives are in regards to want vs. need.

The term Seasonal Diet, doesn’t mean to go on a “diet” when certain foods are out of season, rather it’s a suggestion that you adapt your diet to what’s available in your seasonal, local Eco-system. Not only will this help put a green stamp on your lifestyle, but you will also enjoy better health benefits.

Our bodies crave such a diet, and it’s as simple as word association — strawberries are to summer as sweet potatoes are to ____________ ? Adaptation has always been the name of the sustainability game, and it’s truer now than ever. Consider a seasonal diet, and you’ll be able to continue buying locally without missing a beat.

Growing Organic: Food Benefits and Information

It begins with the soil and ends with the soil. Whether you want to plant a few tomato plants or use an acre of land to farm corn, your organic produce will always and only be as good as the foundation from which it grows. Proper research is vital for several crops (especially if you ARE interested in farming corn), as they soil will respond differently — some crops are just harder on the land than others.

Regardless, there isn’t a better way to help offer the world a shade of green than through personal, organic crop production. It’s as simple as planting, maintaining and harvesting while being focused on sustainability.

When it comes to sustenance, food may not be as necessary as air and water, but you can’t argue that it comes in a close third. Not only is organic food a guaranteed way of putting top-quality fuel into your body, but it also offers an Eco-friendly helping hand to the environment.

Videos on the Importance of Organic Food and Eating Organic

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