Green Vehicle Disposal

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Green Vehicle Disposal: Eco-Friendly Auto Recycler Network

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In North America, every year 12 million vehicle reach their End of Life and are discarded. While 75% of an old car is recyclable, much of it is hazardous and contain pollutants that continue to affect the environment.

Green Vehicle Disposal offers a de-pollution solution for End of Life Vehicles; removing the battery; draining and properly containing fuel, engine oil, and all other fluids; removing the wheels and tires. The process only takes about 15- 20 minutes and primes the vehicle to be recycled.

When your vehicle comes to the end of its useful life, Green Vehicle Disposal can pick it up from your residence and take it to one of their Authorized Treatment Facilities. The company’s mission is directly stated on their website, “Our aim is to systematically reduce or eliminate the amount of waste produced by End Of Life Vehicles, made possible by our extensive coverage of areas across North America. We hope to have affiliates covering every possible area in North America, so that whenever there is a vehicle that has come to the end of its useful life, one of our affiliates will be able to pick it up and dispose of it accordingly.”

Although pricing structures vary from one vehicle to another, if the expense of Green Vehicle Disposal disposing of it, including all handling and de-pollution costs, basically equals the profit of the value of whatever metal is salvaged, then the service is essentially free.

In some cases the vehicle owner does not even need to be present and it is not necessary to have all tires on the car to have the car picked up and disposed of. Green Vehicle Disposal offers competitive rates, low-cost or free towing, and only uses registered and government authorized facilities and services.
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