Green Roof Benefits and Cost Implications

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Why Opt for a Living, Green Roof on Your Home or Office?

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Global warming and environmental awareness have contributed to the development of new eco-friendly systems that invite us to make a switch to sustainable living options, among which green roof in an excellent ecological alternative to traditional parks and green areas.

Often referred to as living roof, green roof provides many benefits to people, construction companies, and governments that desire this earthy-friendly roofing alternative.

Despite green roof projects can be developed for almost in any construction whether residential, commercial or industrial, green roof is usually a solution aimed to provide green areas for crowded cities with tall skyscraper buildings and mall centers.

 Developing Ecological Roofing Solutions

Green roof is a term that often seems to be interchangeable with the green-living connotation of developing ecological roofing solutions such as using photovoltaic panels or solar thermal collectors to make energy of buildings more efficient.

However, we will discuss in this article benefits and cost implications of green roofing from the environmental perspective of roofs covered with natural vegetation. To start with, it is interesting to discover that green roofing is not as costly as this technology suggests by itself, considering that anything “green” is actually trendy.

However, the cost of a regular green flooring project only averages five to 20 dollars per square foot, cost that decreases proportionally for larger areas. Vegetation roofs in green roofs are planted on a waterproofing medium that protects the original roof from leaks.

More Information on the Living, Green Roof Option

Even though the use of a structural protection system, special membranes or extra layers of protection may increase significantly the total cost of a green roofing project. Pricing may also fluctuate based on the geographical area where the project takes place, as estimates are based on local currency.

Professional design, structures, additional waterproofing systems and the type of plants used in the project are some other elements that may raise the project several hundred dollars for the cost per square foot of a green roof project.

Environmental benefits of green roofs in air quality are among the main goals of green roofs. Other benefits provided by these eco-friendly structures include the reduction of pollution, carbon dioxide, and the production of oxygen.

These byproducts typically allow governments to make a major commitment to this environmental solution, as it also helps reduce the urban heat island effect, and contributes to improve biodiversity, wildlife, thermal performance and energy conservation.

Green Roofs Mean Green Space

Green roofs also mean green space, with the main benefit being reflected in the overall health and wellness of all the population, not just the people that inhabit or visit buildings with green roofing.

The cost implications when it comes to green roofing, are usually paid off with the many environmental advantages that these structures provide, including their beneficial impact on the economy of the cities that are actually adopting this roofing system as a viable alternative.

Green roofs often make use of recycled materials, what reduces the need of waste disposal sent to landfills and the cost involved in waste transportation.

International Green Roofing Developments

Actually, there are many cities that are notable for their green roof projects, including Tokyo, Japan, which is a city with countless green roof buildings promoted by the Tokyo Green Building Program decreed in 2002, and Melbourne, Australia, with its remarkable green roof Freshwater Place Residential Tower.

In the United States, green roofing was first introduced in Portland, Oregon; Atlanta, Georgia; and Chicago, Illinois, where it is very common to find green roof residential complexes and commercial buildings. However, actually almost any major city in America has a green roof building or green roof ongoing project.

Green roofs are great solutions for sound and noise insulation, while improving air quality, which makes this environmental roofing an ideal solution for metropolitan areas. Nevertheless, recycled materials and natural vegetation opens a new potential for rural areas, developing in the near future green roof agriculture projects.

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This has been a guest post by Larry Smith, who works for Roofer911 a roof repair contractor in the Northern Virginia area. Photo Via: greenroofblocks.

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