Green MBA Programs: Sustainability MBA Degrees

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Information on Green Master’s Programs in the United States
Green University Programs: Green MBA Programs
With all of the attention being focused on the green economy, on green jobs and on the general drive towards becoming more “green” in our lives, there has been a push at the university level for the development of educational training programs and graduate level degrees in sustainability. Thus, the birth of the “Green MBA” degree, a composite master’s degree that often spans multiple university departments, including architecture, business and marketing, environmental studies, and more.

MBA programs around the world have begun to get more and more specialized.  Now it all depends which type of business you plan to enter.  Whether it’s a global MBA or one focused on a particular area, the MBA degree is becoming more and more rounded.

Online college classes are in high demand these days as well, since many people want the flexibility that online classes offer. In our technological society it is possible to complete most of your education online; all you need is a computer with an Internet connection. Many colleges and universities such as South University offer online programs, some of which combine the traditional classroom with the online classroom, and some which are completely online.

The following guide will continue to grow as more United States Green MBA Programs become available. Find brief descriptions and links to pages that describe Green MBA Degrees at various universities. None of these links have been paid for — this is just a general information guide; clicking through on the links below will take you directly to the campus / university website wherever applicable, and not to an affiliate website or advertisement.

Information on Green MBA Programs at US Universities

As they continue to develop, the Sustainable MBA degree appears to most often combine traditional Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree coursework with other business study. As with other MBA degrees, the course of study is primarily focused on a financial standpoint, while other attention is directed to ethics in business, management education and conventional economic theory.

Green MBA Programs or Sustainable MBA programs also add to this MBA degree foundation, the study of managing for social and or environmental sustainability. And what is Sustainability defined as? In Green MBA programs, sustainability typically includes environmental, economic as well as social sustainability. The schools listed and described below are only a partial listing of possible Green MBA and undergraduate degree programs across the United States. They appear in a random order, as close to alphabetical order as possible, and as information is added to this page.

If you have testimonials, are currently enrolled or have any other relevant information to share on Green MBA Programs at US Universities and Colleges, please leave a comment or send us an email so this page will grow into an ever-more helpful green resource guide.

As a final thought, consider also how you might take advantage of the green aspect of other types of educational institutions, where online classes count towards your degree, while they simultaneously keep you out of the car, thus conserving fuel. The digital aspect of online degrees helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the educational institution, as well as the student. Further, online degrees have their own “green” quality as students decrease their use of paper, instead emailing reports to professors. Several of the costs associated with a large-scale university are also reduced, thereby lowering our overall carbon footprint. Remember, you don’t have to be working towards a Green MBA in order to be a more green student while at school.

Alliant International University: Marshall Goldsmith School of Management Bright Green MBA Program
The Bright Green MBA program is an adaptation of the existing MBA program at the Marshall Goldsmith School of Management. The core MBA curriculum is woven into a sequence of courses and experiences that prepare students to be not simply effective leaders, but effective triple-bottom-line leaders for a changing world.

Students will attend the program in cohorts over a 24-month period (six terms). Course delivery format is hybridized. Cohorts of students will attend classes together on weekends once a month, and via on-line delivery of classes in between the weekends. Two courses are offered in each term and students attend three terms per calendar year. Terms consist of 3 weekend sessions and approximately 5 one-hour online sessions. The exception to this is the Professional Practice course that will be offered throughout the six terms in small seminars.

Course “strands” include: Foundations of Sustainability, Shifting Mindsets, Making the Business Case, The Strategy of Sustainability and Professional Practice. Degree program campuses in multiple California cities, as well as Tokyo and Mexico City.

Find out more about Alliant International University: Marshall Goldsmith School of Management Bright Green MBA Program.

Anaheim University Kisho Kurokawa Green Institute MBA in Sustainable Management or Online Green MBA
The Anaheim University Kisho Kurokawa Green Institute was the brainchild of Kisho Kurokawa (died 2007), an eco-conscious architect. The Anaheim University Kisho Kurokawa Green Institute is an interdisciplinary program run in conjunction with the Anaheim University Akio Morita School of Business. The green MBA degree program offered through the Kisho Kurokawa Green Institute: Online MBA in Sustainable Management, or the “Online Green MBA.”

The Online Green MBA is essentially an MBA in Sustainable Management that focuses on social responsibility, leadership and sustainable business practices. Sustainable management looks beyond short-term quarterly profits, and focuses on long-term gain by incorporating the environmental and social costs of doing business into management decisions. The Online Green MBA empowers you to succeed in a fiscally, socially and environmentally responsible way.

Click here to find out more information on the Anaheim University Kisho Kurokawa Green Institute MBA in Sustainable Management or Online Green MBA.

Antioch University New England Green MBA Program in Organization and Management
Antioch University New England, a private graduate school (New Hampshire), is actually a part of the Antioch University system (with campuses in Seattle; Los Angeles; Santa Barbara; and Yellow Springs, Ohio). The University offers master’s degrees in the following relevant areas: a “green MBA” (MBA in organizational and environmental sustainability), as well as a master’s in environmental studies. This Green MBA program is one of few in the US; their faculty and curriculum emanate from the Department of Environmental Studies and from Organization & Management.

This Green MBA, or Master’s in Organizational and Environmental Sustainability, is a great way to prepare for working in the new green economy. May be essential for work in nonprofits, small to large corporations, NGOs, government, education or health care, or anywhere in the emerging field of sustainability. The Green MBA recognizes that a company’s success is measured by a triple bottom line—people, planet, and profit. The Antioch MBA emphasizes balancing a company’s financial health as well as ethical practices, environmental sustainability, quality of work life and corporate social responsibility.

Click to find out more about Antioch University New England Green MBA Program in Organization and Management.

Bainbridge Graduate Institute MBA in Sustainable Business
Located on Bainbridge Island, Washington, the Bainbridge Graduate Institute offers Green-style MBAs in Sustainable Business, a Certificate in Sustainable Entrepreneurship, and a Certificate in Sustainable Business. This Green MBA curriculum infuses social and environmental responsibility into all of its courses in order to prepare students from diverse backgrounds to build enterprises that are socially responsible, environmentally sustainable and financially successful.

BGI’s unique program preserves the academic rigor of a traditional MBA program, while infusing sustainability education in every single course. The program’s focus on entrepreneurship for sustainability prepares students to start their own sustainable enterprises or to be effective change agents within existing organizations. The BGI Green MBA in Sustainable Business is offered in a 2- or 3-year Hybrid distance learning and in person format or an Evening weekly format. Both programs are designed for working individuals.

Click here to find out more about the Bainbridge Graduate Institute MBA in Sustainable Business.

Colorado State University Global Social & Sustainable Enterprise Program at the School of Global Environmental Sustainability
The CSU School of Global Environmental Sustainability is home to the Green MBA in Global Social & Sustainable Enterprise. A first for the state of Colorado, the School of Global Environmental Sustainability is defined as an umbrella organization that encompasses all environmental education and research at the university.

The School of Global Environmental Sustainability is currently in the process of designing a large breadth of green-related courses and certificates that students will be able to pursue in the coming semesters. More information on general environmental fields of studies and degrees at CSU here.

The GSSE Program seeks to provide sustainable enterprise solutions to some of the most stubborn issues of our time including disease, malnutrition, poverty and environmental degradation. This is done by equipping graduating students with the appropriate experience, training and character necessary to create and operate nonprofit and for-profit startup companies, nongovernmental organizations, and to work in multinational companies that champion social and environmental objectives while delivering solid returns on investment.

Click to learn more about the Colorado State University Global Social & Sustainable Enterprise Program at the School of Global Environmental Sustainability.

University of Colorado Denver Green MBA With Managing for Sustainability Specialization
The University of Colorado Denver MBA programs allow students to focus on any of a number of traditional business degrees, while adding a specialization element in sustainability and green issues. Programs include: Accounting, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Information Systems, Health Administration, Decision Science, Global Energy Management, International Business, Marketing and Management. Students then have the option to add the Managing for Sustainability specialization to these degrees. In turn, students can learn what businesses are facing in a world where resources are scarce, social safety nets are declining, and customers and commentators are concerned about companies behaving in ethical and responsible ways.

Students assess solutions to complex problems through a focus on any of the following factors as related to business:social entrepreneurship, social marketing, corporate social responsibility or environmental finance and accounting. Green MBA candidates will also examine the role of business in fostering the long-term health and viability of the company, communities and the environment.

Click to find more information on the University of Colorado Denver Green MBA With Managing for Sustainability Specialization.

Dominican University of California Green MBA Program at the School of Business & Leadership
Dominican University of California’s Green MBA is an engaged learning community that seeks to promote financial viability, ecological sustainability, and social justice in business and organizations of all types. Students graduate with practical skills and experience, prepared to innovate, communicate, and lead effectively in the face of global challenges.

Dominican University of CA Green MBA Program provides a culture of collaboration and innovation for those ready to take responsibility in a complex world that needs rethinking. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dominican’s Green MBA is an on-site program whose graduates receive a Master of Business Administration degree in Sustainable Enterprise. Students have a choice of two-year full-time and three-year part-time structures to accommodate life/work balance while pursuing the degree.

Click for more information on Dominican University’s Green MBA Program.

Duquesne University’s Palumbo / Donahue Schools of Business MBA in Sustainability Program
Duquesne University offers early- and mid-career professionals an unmatched proving ground: a transformative, 12-month MBA Sustainability degree that integrates multiple dimensions of sustainability across all business disciplines. Ten years ago, sustainability advocates and corporations focused almost solely on one aspect of the triple bottom line: environment. Now, those leading the sustainability charge have set sights on a new goal: integrated sustainable development.

Integrated sustainable development simultaneously looks at incorporating business best-practices for managing financial, human and natural resources. Integrated sustainable development challenges all parties to find better solutions and ways of measuring progress. This is the main focus of the Duquesne University Green MBA Program: defining the “social dimension” of sustainability.

Click here for information on Duquesne University’s Palumbo / Donahue Schools of Business, MBA in Sustainability Program.

Green Mountain College Sustainable Business Leadership Program
Geared towards working professionals who are looking to strengthen their credentials in sustainable business. Distance learning for current MBA holders, or extra specialization for MBA candidates within Green Mountain College’s program. Students can learn how to create competitive advantage for their organizations by employing sustainable business practices.

Green Mountain College’s Sustainable Business Leadership Program (SBLP) is an intensive four-week exploration into the theory and real world implementation of sustainable business – including an examination of the skills and knowledge students need to create positive bottom-line as well as environmental and social results. GMC is located in Poultney, Vermont.

For more info on Green Mountain College Sustainable Business Leadership Program, click here.

Lipscomb University College of Business Sustainability MBA — Institute for Sustainable Practice
The Lipscomb University Institute for Sustainable Practice’s mission is to develop and advance the practice of Sustainability in both Tennessee as well as the world. Sustainability principles impact the way that we work, live and produce as a society. As such, the practice of sustainability has emerged to form a new profession by integrating many academic disciplines with relevance to many areas of discussion.

The Master of Science degree consists of 30 hours of graduate coursework and is ideal for students from virtually any discipline, who seek a career managing people or projects in a technical sustainability context, including technical sales, sustainability consulting, green design or green certification. Students may choose electives from specializations in sustainable energy, green development, sustainable food production, food service and more. The M.S. in Sustainability therefore is also ideal for college graduates of any discipline who want to specialize in one area of sustainability. The M.S. can be completed in just 1 year and includes coursework in both theoretical and applied experiences.

The Lipscomb University is located in Nashville, Tennessee.
Go to the website for Lipscomb University College of Business Sustainability MBA now.

Maharishi University of Management MBA in Sustainable Business
The MBA in Sustainable Business, which can be completed in as little as one year for students who already possess a bachelor’s degree in business, is based in five key areas — Self Sustainability develops inner potential and leadership abilities through Consciousness-Based education; Sustainable Business Solutions provide the knowledge and skills needed for transforming and managing businesses for lasting sustainability; Sustainable Entrepreneurship focuses on creating successful green businesses that produce genuine societal value; Sustainable Management emphasizes the people and organizational skills needed for managing operations as well as projects; Sustainable Living provides advanced knowledge and experience in renewable energy, organic agriculture, and the other areas of sustainable living.

Click for more on the Maharishi University of Management MBA in Sustainable Business located in Fairfield, Iowa.

Marlboro College Graduate School Green MBA in Managing for Sustainability
To succeed in the new millennium, organizational leaders must understand the impact of management practices on the environment, the workforce, business, local cultures and profits. At Marlboro College, this multiple-bottom-line philosophy is integrated into all MBA sustainability courses, from finance and accounting to business law, renewable energy education and economic theory.

The Marlboro MBA in Sustainability features classes both online and in person, with students and faculty coming together for three days each month at the downtown Vermont campus of the Marlboro College Graduate School. During that time, all faculty members work with students on addressing real-world problems.

Get more info on the Marlboro College Graduate School Green MBA in Managing for Sustainability located in Marlboro, Vermont.

Marylhurst University Accelerated Online MBA in Sustainable Business
The MBA in Sustainable Business at Marylhurst University is a brand new online degree that prepares students to become leaders who can address social and environmental concerns while contributing to profitable growth within business organizations. The program focuses on one of four concentrations: Renewable Energy; Green Development; Natural and Organic Resources; Government Policy and Administration.

Founded in 1893, Marylhurst is one of Oregon’s oldest private universities, offering working professionals a time-honored tradition of accredited academic excellence.

Click for more info on the Marylhurst University Accelerated Online MBA in Sustainable Business located just ten miles south of Portland.

Portland State University MBA With Concentration in Sustainability
The coursework within the Portland State University MBA + program can be grouped into four segments: foundation skills, business disciplines, integration and concentrations/electives.

The MBA+ program at Portland State allows students to focus their degree in a wide range of topics, and makes available to students classes both inside the business school as well as through other departments. Students are required to take 16 of their 72 required credits as electives, thus creating the SBA Sustainable Enterprise Concentration where students learn about sustainable enterprises, product design and stewardship as well as measuring sustainability in business; and the PSU Sustainability Certificate. This graduate certificate offers an integrated series of post-baccalaureate courses comprising a multidisciplinary study of the social, environmental and economic dimensions of sustainability.

More info here: Portland State University MBA With Concentration in Sustainability located in Portland, Oregon.

Presidio School of Management at Alliant International University MBA in Sustainable Management
The Presidio School of Management degree in business administration connects rigorous management theory and practice with social responsibility, ecological awareness, systems thinking, and leadership within an integrated framework of sustainable management. As a unifying concept, sustainability weaves the core elements of the program together in ways that help students make connections, promote innovation, and create transformative solutions in service of a more sustainable future.

The most distinctive element of our MBA is the integrated curriculum designed around three fundamental and connected concepts that together define competence in sustainable management: Sustainable Systems, Business Foundations and Leadership.

More info here: Presidio School of Management at Alliant International University MBA in Sustainable Management located in San Francisco, California.

San Francisco State University College of Business MBA With Emphasis in Sustainable Business
The SFSU traditional MBA program offers an additional emphasis in order for students to create a version of a Green MBA degree. The emphasis provides students with an in-depth appreciation of the social and environmental dimensions of conducting business in a global market.

Three aspects of sustainable business that improve a firm’s long-term performance are emphasized: managing risks (regulatory, reputation, litigation, market), values-driven leadership, and recognizing market opportunities created by environmental and social challenges. Learning outcomes include how to articulate the business case for sustainability, develop and lead internal and external coalitions needed to drive organizational change, and implement metrics for measuring progress and providing accountability.

More info here: San Francisco State University College of Business MBA With Emphasis in Sustainable Business.

University of Michigan Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise MBA / MS Degree
The Erb Institute at the University of Michigan fosters global sustainable enterprise through interdisciplinary research and education initiatives, including an acclaimed MBA/MS Program. Utilizing a collaborative approach, the Erb Institute helps business, government and civil society organizations to achieve meaningful progress toward sustainability.

The Erb Institute MBA/MS Program at the University of Michigan is a graduate level masters program focused on Global Sustainable Enterprise. Students in the three-year program earn two degrees — a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business (Ross) and a Master of Science (MS) from the School of Natural Resources & Environment (SNRE).

Find out more about the University of Michigan Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise MBA / MS Degree located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


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