Green Issues and Politics

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The Impact of a Greener Future Begins With Politics

Green issues and politics. Sounds like a volatile mix of renewable fuel versus gasoline! In truth, it’s an opportunity to share, educate and even be entertained by the potential that lies in a greener future.

There’s no escaping political involvement when it comes to green issues, and truth be told, there’s no more powerful machine than the political machine. At the very least, one party becomes the front-runner on green issues, or as an ultimate hope, they’ll all compete to make the United States (and the world, of course) as green as it can possibly be.

Sound Off About the Environment: Politics and the Planet

At this point, it’s easy to see that the green movement is global, and it’s high time for everyone to get on board. This doesn’t mean that everyone needs to tear their lives down and start over with a green blueprint — baby steps and small changes will do WONDERS in offering life back to the planet that we’ve been blessed with.

Politically Speaking: Green Political Campaigners

Politicians like Al Gore have now seemingly left the game of what some might refer to as “retarded politics” or politics for the sake of politics/slow developing politics, to offer attention to Ecological issues at hand. But it’s time to get beyond those surface scratches and start putting our efforts where our, well, mouths are. Extra efforts of leading by example will speak louder to many than any movie ever could.

The Problem With the Green Movement and Politics

The state of the environment is not a one-sided problem. In the United States especially, it’s a shame that something so deserving of national attention has to resort to political wars — the Democrats vs. the Republicans.

I’d be willing to bet that if a political party took a stance on something so ridiculous as instant oatmeal vs. old-fashioned oats, American citizens would draw lines based on party bias. They would suggest to their closest that “thinking about it” is a bad idea and the next thing you know, personal attacks are being launched over how people prefer what is essentially the same thing.

Do we all want a cleaner, more efficient place to live? Sure! How do we get it? Education. And education is born out of public awareness and desire — so all of these “green issues” have to start with a “friendly” public demand. Honestly, when people figure out how COOL these green/progressive/ancient ideas truly are, they’ll be buying into them just like a science experiment in grade school!

The Green Issues: Discussing Politics in Light of Eco-Consciousness

From Organic farming to the Organic food that eventually hits the table and sustainable “everything” from fuel to furniture — it’s all within reach. Sustainable energy sources, such as sun, wind and rain are perfect for personal energy production.

These issues are at the forefront of the green movement. Though such simple fixes, their influence will stretch far beyond what we may even be able to imagine. The things we presently perceive are about tapping into our past as much as they are about looking and working toward the future. In all aspects, a more efficient world for everyone starts with educating family, friends and associates, and putting a renewed trust in our public servants who are willing to listen to the educated public.

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