The Green Business Bureau

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GBB: Become an Environmentally Friendly Organization With Green Business Bureau

The Vision of the Green Business Bureau

The Green Business Bureau is an agency that certifies businesses that are running green operations. This in turn notifies other businesses in the marketplace that the GBB certified company is environmentally aware and operating in an eco-friendly manner. The Green Business Bureau upholds specific environmental laws and business practices, and the companies they certify must do the same.

Green Business Bureau Corporate Mission

According to the GBB corporate website, “the mission of the Green Business Bureau is to foster environmental awareness among businesses and to promote business practices that are both environmentally responsible and commercially beneficial.” The Green Business Bureau serves on a national level as a 3rd-party program that certifies its member businesses are following strict environmental practices.

The Values of the Green Business Bureau

To Develop a collaborative forum that encourages members to share their accomplishments and to seek support from other green businesses
To Serve both businesses and consumers by providing a trusted nationwide program for the certification of green businesses
To Guide green businesses to reach their goals by providing a program of realistic initiatives that yield tangible benefits
To Support its member green businesses and recognize their commitment to environmental responsibility
To Keep members informed about the latest environmental news and regulations that affect their businesses
To Assist by increasing the visibility of green-certified businesses in any marketplace To Promote commerce and consumer loyalty to green businesses


  1. This is exciting. I was just talking with a friend from the Burbank Green Alliance and we were discussing some sort of grading system for businesses. So if they are GBB approved you can feel comfortable knowing they passed some goals instead of just greenwashing themselves. All for it!

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