Green Building

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What Is Green Building?
Green Building
Through the practice of Green Building, architects, designers, developers and those in the field of construction attempt to erect buildings that use resources such as water, building materials like wood and energy, in as smart a way as possible. This means that the involved professionals attempt to reduce the overall impact of the building, through each of the developmental phases in its lifetime (from design to operation and eventual removal if necessary), on people and the environment.

Sustainable development is an idea that is related to Green Building. According to, “Green building is a design and construction practice that promotes the economic health and well-being of your family, the community, and the environment. A smart step toward personal economic rewards, Green Building also has positive social and environmental ramifications that assert your commitment to the future and the way we live for years to come.”

What’s Working Through the organization What’s Working, “visionary green building expert David Johnston has brought together a team of seasoned professionals who have worked in field of green building and sustainable program design since it emerged on the national scene in the early 90s. If your vision is to incorporate sustainability into your next project, give us a call, we have the solution.”

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