Green Blogs: Introducing Live Green Cheap

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I received a really nice email in the last couple of days from a new green blogger, and in the interest of helping to promote fellow like-minded bloggers, I asked him to send me an introduction to his great new blog project. Hopefully, the Easy Ways audience will click through to Jeremy Heckard’s new blog, Live Green Cheap.

Live Green Cheap Blog

LiveGreenCheap is a new green blog created and maintained for the sole purpose of providing ordinary people with practical advice and information on how to go green with alternative energy solutions such as solar power and wind energy. The blog focuses on the latest about how you can go off-grid and harness the natural and renewable energy resources available to all of us. More specifically, the information is aimed at people who want to go green but consider it too expensive or are looking for information and step-by-step guides for how to actually build a solar panel or a wind turbine. This blog is all about providing you with all the necessary information for taking control of your carbon footprint on the cheap with renewable energy solutions.”

Welcome aboard, Jeremy!

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