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Portland Tree Canopy

Portland Tree Canopy (detail)

Here are some of the more interesting headlines from around the web, related to wellness, recycling, sustainability and the environment. Click through each to read more.

From the NY Times Green Blog: The seven-member commission assembled by President Obama to investigate the BP spill has hired a longtime Royal Dutch Shell scientist, engineer and offshore drilling expert, to be its chief technical adviser. By John M. Broder

From London and the NY Times: Residents of a pioneering low-carbon housing development in a south London suburb, use one-fourth as much energy for heat and hot water as households in neighboring communities do. By Beth Gardiner

From the Baltimore Sun: The Maryland Department of the Environment is seeking $1.2 million in fines for violations including stormwater violations and other violations at Baltimore properties. By Associated Press

From the Huffington Post Green: The Interior Department is offering oil and gas leases on 1.8 million acres of Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve while promising to protect critical migratory bird and caribou habitat.

From Many companies put out a sustainability or corporate-responsibility report, filled with self-congratulatory metrics that show how they company reduced their carbon footprint and recycled more. But the sustainability report from Best Buy is different. Find out why. By Carol Tice

From Long Island, NY has yet to reach the recycling heights achieved by West Coast communities such as Portland, where more than 60 percent of the city’s trash ends up in the recycling bin. But local residents here recycle a lot more than they did in 1988, when the state passed its first sweeping solid waste law. By Jennifer Smith

From the July is Social Wellness Month, and time to speak up to your health care team without being too passive. Social wellness is about being able to ask the questions that directly affect your health, nutrition, and quality of life. Can biopsies release cancer cells into your body? By Anne Hart

From DNA: Read the World: From Mumbai: The day-long State Summit: Vision for Global Maharashtra, organized by DNA and Zee 24 Taas on Saturday underlined the state government’s concern for and commitment to a holistic development of Maharashtra.

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