Going Green With Your Internet Service Provider and Tech Choices

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Getting Your Office Up to Par With Eco-Friendly Technology

green technology

Whether you work from home or in a large-scale office park, and no matter your level of authority in the company (you could be an office drone or the chief financial officer), you can make a significant impact on the environment just by adopting a few simple choices. Instituting an inter-office paper recycling policy, turning off the electricity and powering down technology devices at the end of each work day, and carpooling or ride-sharing to work a few days each week can make a real difference, when taken in an aggregate form across several corporations.

But what about the technology choices you make within the

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office itself? Is there a way to actually make green choices when it comes to sourcing your IT needs? As part and parcel of the green revolution happening seemingly everywhere these days, the answer is a resounding “yes,” there are plenty of eco-friendly choices to be made when it comes to choosing a power company, an internet service provider, and more. Here are a few tips to make the office more green when it comes to tech choices.

Green Tech in the Office Environment: Choosing an ISP

Whether it’s a marketing ploy or something bigger, bolder, and more visionary, many of today’s power and technology companies are offering “greener” choices. This may be simply opting for paperless billing, or choosing to pay a bit more money in exchange for power that is sourced from wind or solar energy.

When you select your power company for the office, while your choices may be somewhat limited by your

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address, you will typically have the option to investigate just how green that company is. Do they power their own offices using renewable energy? Do they offer you the choice to power your office using renewable energy sources? This is the fastest and easiest way to get your office in line with current environmental best practices.

What about choosing a server if you run any kind of websites? Same thing here. Email providers, servers, and the majority of IT companies of this stripe all offer various green options, and many are exclusively run on power generated by renewable sources. Through Comcast, there is actually an entire blog that is dedicated to green issues in local areas. Check out this blog run by Xfinity Local on Demand, about going green.

More Green Options When It Comes to Your Office

Here are more areas to consider, where you and your company will have greener options to select, over traditional, less eco-sensitive options. With all of these considerations, you have some work to do, performing an audit on your current choices, establishing goals and a budget to implement them, and defining a company-wide policy for these goals. After that, you will be able to gauge the benefit to your company’s reputation, marketing strategies, and financial bottom line.

Identify which servers or computer stations can be consolidated.

What are you doing for data archiving and or replication?

Have you opted for VoIP technology, rather than a traditional telephone line?

What does your data center look like? How much power do they use?

Have you considered switching parts or all of your business to Cloud computing?

Do you require your employees to power down tech equipment at the end of each day, and especially on weekends?


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