Going Green in Hospitals

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Green Tech, Eco-Friendly Waste Initiatives, and More

green tech and hospitals

Hospitals and health care facilities, as anyone might imagine, are at the vanguard when it comes to implementing green tech to better the environment and reduce the costs associated with the medical industry. So if you are hard at work in a hospital environment, what possibilities are there for healthcare initiatives that create a “greener” environment?

Let’s say you’re a nurse, recently graduated with a masters degree in nursing, and you’ve finally landed the perfect job in the hospital of your choosing. Or you’re a doctor, fresh out of medical school and walking the halls of your hospital home. In either case, you’re an environmentally conscious individual, committed to reducing your carbon footprint and thinking with an eco-sensitive attitude. What is being done in hospitals around the country to reduce medical waste, cut energy use, implement solar power, and become more green?

Hospitals Around the Country Going Green

Hospitals are businesses whose mission is to promote the healing and wellness of people, but they’re still businesses with financial bottom lines and marketing departments. Going green presents an amazing opportunity in terms of what can be saved financially, and what can be gained in terms of reputation and recognition when it comes to being mindful stewards of the planet.

According to some online sources, there are apparently as many as 6,600 tons of medical waste being produced by the healthcare industry in the United States, and this is how much waste that gets generated every single day. Coming up with environmentally focused solutions to such problems have the potential to dramatically improve the planet, and green tech is an important component.

The Cleveland Clinic received some serious press during the presidential campaigns and debates, and for good reason. Beyond being a financial and healthcare dynamo, a true model of how hospitals will likely end up functioning in years to come, the Cleveland Clinic is also an award-winning business, lauded for its smart energy use. For the second year in a row, the Cleveland Clinic received the U.S. EPA and Department of Energy Program award recognizing them as a leader in energy management: the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year.

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Practice Greenhealth

. Because of their dedication to ongoing improvement of environmentally oriented programs, the hospital has been recognized for: recycling and waste reduction, source reduction, mercury reduction in medical procedures, and their participation in the health system’s green cleaning program.

Lastly, we take a look at St. Cloud Hospital of Minnesota, and their ongoing commitment to “providing high-quality care in a manner that promotes environmental sustainability.” Their efforts have included reducing waste production and increasing their overall recycling, advancing energy efficiency, and reducing resource consumption. According to the hospital representatives, St. Cloud’s sustainability efforts and “green activities and goals fall into three main categories: purchasing, resource conservation and waste management.” Their special Green Task Force is dedicated to raising the bar for the rest of the industry, when it comes to eco-friendly initiatives.

Do you work in a hospital and have some information on eco-friendly efforts that are being made in the health care industry? Leave a comment or a link below in the comments section, and we’ll add a second part to this article.

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