Going Green and Painting the Town Red: a Guest Post

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Some Thoughts on Going Green by Greentea Design

Eco-Friendly Japanese Design

Eco-Friendly Japanese Design

During Wednesdays, the mall in my country does not use plastic bags when packing its groceries for its loyal customers. Instead, buyers have the option of choosing between placing their goods in a box or buying eco-friendly reusable bags. Opting for the latter certainly opened my eyes to the term “Going Green.”

In an age where plastics abound in casings, gadgets, and even in furnitures, enlightened consumers still clamor for old-school, sensible, and reliant media such as paper, glass and wood.

Of these three, wood is certainly the most versatile. It can be painted on, cut and fashioned into different delightful items. Equally important is the fact that it is dependable and tenacious. Case in point, homes using wood survive catastrophes and are easily repaired for their yearly maintenance.

Looking at Various Materials When Going Green

Speaking of homes, renovating houses is a must, given the effects of wear and tear through daily use in our properties. What is delightful about using wood for our home’s facades and bases is that we can also have dining room tables and wood cabinets to compliment and match our abodes. These are only surpluses with what one can do with such a powerful medium.

The best example of the eco-friendly lifestyle is the one espoused by the beautiful Japanese people. Their Japanese furniture is composed of simple and classic lines that have been around forever, yet still remain elegant and modern to this day. It is the perfect testament of a lifestyle that merges style and comfort with the end-goal of protecting our environment.

Now that is what one may call going green but painting the town red.

This was a guest post written by Greentea Design for Easy Ways to Go Green

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