Getting Your House to Be More Energy Efficient

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Three Simple Ways to Green the Home You Live In

guide to a green homeThink about it. Getting the home you live in to be a more green environment can benefit you in many ways, not the least of which happens to do with your bank account. That’s right. Going green in the house can result in hundreds of dollars worth of savings each month, so if you haven’t found the motivation in the environment at this point, then consider finding it in your wallet. Because that’s exactly where the cash you’re gonna’ save will end up, and just for a little bit of effort, too. Here’s a few simple suggestions to get the house more green.

Let’s start with a little bit of research, in order to see if your local government offers any kind of incentive for home energy improvements. If you contact your gas or electric company, often times they will have an incentive program that allows you to improve energy efficiency while bettering the planet in the process. By looking on the websites of your utility companies, there really is no telling what you’ll find. Last, when you’re looking for some money or financial incentives to get the green jobs around the house done, think about trade affiliations, or things like someone in your household having a military background, as things like VA home energy efficient improvements incentives and loans exist for veterans.

If you’re a veteran or a small business person, then you can use the money you get from a small business bureau or military loan, and build greater value into your home or office through energy efficiency efforts.

Conducting a Home Energy Audit Makes Sense

Next, perform even a cursory home energy audit around the house, and make an exhaustive list of the places you find where improvements can be made. What does the caulking look like around the windows? How about the weather stripping beneath doors that lead to the outside? Have an attic? What does the insulation look like? What kinds of light bulbs do you see throughout the home?

All of these things and more can tighten things up around the house and make it a more energy efficient place, saving you a bunch of money in the process. And it’s not like you need to be a professional construction worker, either. Tips for performing simple procedures around the house when it comes to handiwork and home improvement are literally all over the Internet, and easy to perform on your own.

Making the Switch to Solar Power

Last, consider making the switch to solar. Several local governments and utility companies now offer incentive programs for those who employ solar heating and solar power in the home. And with solar buyback programs in place in many cities, with a bit of effort, you might produce more power than you need, and find yourself in a position to sell the energy back to the utility companies, in exchange for reduced rates or credits to your account.

For even more easy ways to reduce your energy costs in the home, click the link.

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