Get Green Energy for Your Home and Save Money

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Get Green Can Save Green: A Revolution Waiting to Happen

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Green energy is an inevitability today. Our world is so heavily dependent on fossil fuels to meet its energy requirements that it has raised serious, two-fold concerns.

On the one hand, fossil fuels leave a huge carbon footprint, and also cause considerable kinds of additional pollution. On the other hand, they are getting depleted at an increasingly rapid pace.

Most of the large companies and investment giants are betting investments on renewable energy sources. It can safely be said that within the next decade, if anyone refuses to embrace renewable energy sources, one very well might be forced to do so!

Greener Energy Implies a Greener Wallet

The “current” system of electricity has every household hooked in to a central grid which is powered mainly by fossil fuels. Establishing an independent “solar-system” at home will not only make you greener in the environmental sense, but will also save you precious dollars. Here is how that happens:

1  Discounts and Credits:
In order to encourage people to shift to using greener energy, the Department of Energy offers great rebates for the purchase of costly PV (Photo-Voltaic) installations. It also will offer credits on easy terms. This can reduce installation costs by up to 65% from $20,000 to $7000.

2  Mortgage vs Rent:
One easy analogy to understand the money savings due to one’s use of greener energy is that of a mortgage and a rent. Using power from the grid and paying for it is like rent — lifelong. But taking a loan, installing a PV system, and paying in installments is like paying off mortgage, at the end of which you will have free power for your home. Imagine a life without utility bills!

3  Tax Rebates:
The government also offers tax rebates and other incentives for those not depending on fossil fuels for power. This, again, is a money-saver.

Action Plan for Going Green in the House

Being proactive always helps. In the beginning, non-conventional energy is expensive. But it is the future for our world. It is like education, where the money one puts in is not considered as an expense, but instead functions as an investment in the future. Here are a few steps that you can take right away.

1. You might be unaware of the green power options available to you. Call your utility company and find out what options are available right now.

2. You could start exploring the cost, size, and savings from a PV system for your home. If the PV system turns out to be expensive, you could go for a much cheaper, solar thermal hot water systems.

3. If no green options are available, you can even choose to pay a small premium on the energy bill in order to support the development on renewable sources of power.

Today, going green is no longer an option. It is imperative that one adopts a more eco-aware stance, and that they do it actively. Even if there seem to be no avenues down which one can make an action-plan, you could do your part to make our planet greener by ensuring that there is no waste of power. This will require a change in both attitude and lifestyle. But rest assured, it will be a worthwhile change.

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