Dr. Gary Null, PhD and Your Guide to Natural Living

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Gary Null: A Valuable resource on Health and Wellness.
Gary Null, PhD.Gary Null, PhD wears many hats, and has for some time. He hosts a talk radio program, delivers serious information on fitness and health, is a professional Nutritionist. Additionally, he is a Documentarian, a television producer, a competitive athlete, author and social activist. Through a brief search online, one quickly learns there are few things that fall outside of this man’s knowledge. Primarily, however, he focuses on alternative and complementary medicine, anti-aging, nutrition, the environment and social issues, among other things.

Dr. Gary Null, a New York Times best-selling author, is also a well-known radio personality who hosts (and produces ) The Gary Null Show, which is the longest running, continuously airing health talk radio show in America (30+ years). This is where I first discovered Gary Null, here in Los Angeles, as the station KPFK broadcasts the programs on the Something’s Happening show, hosted by Roy of Hollywood.

Further Gary Null Resources

Anyone can listen to broadcasts of Gary Null’s programs online at the Progressive Radio Network.

Podcasts can also be downloaded for free through Itunes online. You simply search for “Gary Null” in the Itunes store, click on the show or shows that you want to hear, then load it onto your Ipod or MP3 player.

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