G-OIL™ Green Motor Oil by Green Earth Technologies

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G-OIL™ by Green Earth Technologies
G-OIL Green Motor Oil by Green Earth TechnologiesAmerica’s first green motor oil is here! New from the Menlo Park-based company called Green Earth Technologies (GET), “the first biodegradable motor oil to provide complete engine protection.”

“G-OIL™,” made entirely from American-grown base oils, promises that anyone interested in “greening” up their lifestyle won’t have to pay a premium price or “sacrifice performance in the process” when it comes to their automobile.

The revolutionary product professes to keep your engine in as good a condition as leading motor oils, minus the damage to the environment and dependence on oil from foreign sources. G-OIL™ is safe to use in hybrids, gas-based and diesel fuel vehicles, and has been manufactured in a full range of weights.


G-OIL™ is manufactured from tallow (from beef and used to make soap, among other things), a byproduct of the American farming system. According to GET, “G-OIL™ is made utilizing a proprietary process that converts tallow from a solid raw material into completely biodegradable motor oil”; the product launched in the retail market this year (2007) at the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) in Las Vegas.

When it’s time to change the oil, G-OIL™ can be easily disposed of with G-DISPOSOIL™, a product that converts oil into soil. G-OIL™ bottles are 100% recyclable with soy ink labels printed on biodegradable paper.

Learn more about GREEN EARTH TECHNOLOGIES and their line of “G” branded, superior performing, totally green products made entirely from America-grown base oils.

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