Fair Trade Products for Sale at The By Hand Fair Trade Shop

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The By Hand Fair Trade Shop UK: Ethical Gifts and Fair Trade Products

The By Hand Fair Trade Shop UK

The By Hand Fair Trade Shop UK

Fair trade, according to definitions in places as ubiquitous as Wikipedia, is “an organized social movement and market-based approach that aims to help producers in developing countries obtain better trading conditions and promote sustainability.” When practiced to the letter of the law, Fair Trade does more than just sound off all of the important and trendy “eco-buzzwords” like sustainability. Other aspects of the Fair Trade movement include common sense practices such as paying a higher price for goods to producers, in addition to maintaining a higher level of environmental standards in production, transportation and distribution. Fair Trade, to this point, has pointed its focus mainly on the exporting practices from developing countries, though it will assuredly grow beyond this somewhat narrow scope. As such, Fair Trade agreements and principles are commonly applied to exports such as sugar and coffee, cocoa and tea, and crafts that might be used as gifts or might otherwise end up in import shops in your local neighborhood shopping area. Which brings us to The By Hand Fair Trade Shop, located online, and being organized out of the UK.

With the proliferation of the eco-movement, including companies getting behind Fair Trade as more than just a feel-good principle but a better way of doing global trade and business, sites like the By Hand Fair Trade Shop are becoming more popular — especially for the eco-conscious consumers around the world. Aggregating fair trade products for ethical gift giving should have been put into practice decades ago, but progress is slowly being made on this front thanks to sites like this.

The By Hand Fair Trade Shop, according to its development team, was originally founded with the aim to help disadvantaged producers specifically in Indonesia. This means, providing a market for them while simultaneously  promoting the idea that business can be ethical. In a nutshell, the Fair Trade principles outlined above are at the very heart of their business foundation.

By Hand Fair Trade Shop Believes Business Can Be Ethical

From their mission statement: “We are a small company with the aim of promoting the beautiful handicrafts that are produced by the highly talented craftsmen and women on the island of Bali, and we are committed to fair trade products and principles.” By Hand Fair Trade Shop is also committed to minimizing their impact on the environment, and as such, uses only paper and packaging that is sourced locally from within the UK, and packaging that is recycled or derived from sustainable resources.

The By Hand Fair Trade Shop believe that “Beautiful products should not come at the cost of exploitation.”

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