Essential Yoga Tools

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Exactly What You Need to Practice Yoga

Essential Yoga Tools

Essential Yoga Tools

Can you participate in Yoga without the proper tools? Sure, as long as you don’t mind bruised elbows and knees. Truth be told, I used to love doing Yoga on a concrete patio in the sunshine, and didn’t mind the fact that I was covered with little pebbles, dust and a mud concoction of sweat and dirt after I was finished.

If that sounds just as fun to you, maybe a career in the military is more of what you’re looking for, as opposed to the Yoga groove? Hands down, Yoga is enjoyable for MOST individuals in an environment accompanied by certain Yoga tools.

Yoga Tools?

You say tomato, I say to-mahto, yes? Yoga tools are all those things you use in Yoga participation. From clothing to straps and bricks, it can all make your Yoga practice a little more intense or focused, and your time spent on a mat more beneficial.

Essential Tools for Yoga

Yoga Mat

Let’s just get this one out of the way. For the beginner, a Yoga mat may seem like a paper-thin ground cover, but it’s so much more. Consider walking barefoot on hardwood flooring. Now, consider walking across the same floor with socks on. That simple layer of fabric creates a world of difference.

A Yoga mat is substantially thicker than a sock, made from foam rubber material that offers much more energy absorption than cotton or other fabrics. You can find organic rubber Yoga mats all over the Internet, so you may remain green while doing downward facing dog. Bottom line, a Yoga mat is to Yoga what good shoes are to a basketball player.

Yoga Clothes

Regardless of what you wear, you want to be comfortable, and you want your fabrics to help absorb perspiration, or wick it from your skin. Form fitting clothes are the best choice — if you’re comfortable in them, they’ll allow for you to move freely.

There are some great examples for women at If you’re a fella, consider a loose fitting pair of pants (Thai fisherman pants), and a form fitting tank top.

Yoga Mat Bag

Where are you going to put your mat once you’ve rolled it? In a Yoga mat bag, of course. They come in everything from cotton canvas to a wide mesh. They’re affordable and help keep your yoga tools organized. They’re bags for your mats — I got nothing else for this one.

Yoga Blankets and Towels

Don’t be shy, your body sweats. Everyone’s does. If not, you should be concerned. In an effort to absorb the perspiration, from your body, and to keep your organic rubber mat from becoming an organic slip ‘n slide, consider a cotton blanket or large towel. Your mat will grip the fabric, but be sure the blanket or towel is large enough for you to spread out on it.

Yoga Straps

When you want to advance in the practice of Yoga, consider investing in Yoga straps to help you achieve poses that are more difficult. Until you train your muscles to find a particular posturing, they may resist it.

No, these aren’t for attempting to wrench your body into something it’s not ready for, in fact, they are used for the opposite. Consider them an extension of your natural limbs (arms and legs) to help you ease into difficult posturing. They are an incredibly efficient way to advance your flexibility if used properly.

Yoga Blocks and Bricks

Yoga Tools: Yoga Blocks

Yoga Tools: Yoga Blocks

Another tool to help in achieving poses without “fully” achieving them. Simply put, they make the floor higher so you may focus on proper alignment while posturing. For example, in downward facing dog, if your heels want to pull up from the floor, you could put blocks under your hands, adjusting your body angle and allowing you to settle into the posture properly.

Yoga Balls

These exercise balls that you see at every department and sporting goods store are a great way to assist in posturing when your body may not necessarily be capable.

Yoga Bolsters

Perfect for prenatal Yoga practices, a bolster offers a great amount of support for baby, or for anyone that is looking for proper alignment in the meditation poses. Consider sliding one under your knees while in the corpse pose, and your spine and hips will find an excellent and relaxing alignment.

Yoga Wedges

Another Yoga assistant. A step toward becoming more advanced if you’ve been using the blocks or bricks.

Yoga Mat Cleaner

Yoga Tools: Yoga Mats

Yoga Tools: Yoga Mats

A good, environmentally safe spray is perfect for keeping any unwanted guests (bacteria) from claiming residence on your Yoga mat. A good spray after you practice will help keep the funk on the dance floor, off your mat and ultimately, out of your body.

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  1. I was always tempted by those Yoga blocks although I think the most important thing is good Yoga mat. Invest some money and some time finding out which one is the best for you and you will not regret that choice.

    Great post by the way 😉
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