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What is Environmentally Preferred Purchasing?

Environmentally Preferred Purchasing is a Great Tool for Going Green

Environmentally Preferred Purchasing is a Great Tool for Going Green

The Environmentally Preferred Purchasing program (or EPP) is an index developed by the Environmental Protection Agency to assist governments, businesses, and consumers with evaluating and buying green products. The index summarizes and consolidates information about environmentally preferable products, including features to look for, case studies, relevant language, and tools for evaluating products.

When it comes to construction and building materials, for example, the EPP recommends looking for attributes like water and energy efficiency, recycled materials, and overall sustainability. It goes on to cover construction model specifications such as LEED and Energy Star standards and tools for evaluating the environmental and economic costs of various building choices. That’s not to mention well-populated lists of case studies and other online resources for consumer perusal.

Eco-Friendly Green Products from Electronics to Office Supplies

The EPP doesn’t just provide information on building codes and materials; it also covers everything from buying green electronics to purchasing sustainable office supplies to procuring earth friendly food services. Nowhere else (except maybe here) will you find such a rigorously researched and well integrated set of assets for the sustainably minded consumer or business owner. Overall, the EPP program provides an informative and authoritative resource for anyone looking to buy green.

Of course, the index is also oriented toward the policies and practices of the government and seeks to use its substantial buying power to support sustainable businesses and transform the market. There’s an incredible wealth of information on federal goals, procurement guidelines, and purchasing practices, which will hearten even the most cynical eco-apocalyptic Millenarian. However, you’ll probably just want to skip to the “Finding and Evaluating Green Products and Services” section for the most business- and consumer-directed information. Whatever your situation and aim, you’re likely to find much of use on this handy guide to green products.

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