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Green Driving

The transportation sector has always been of the biggest contributors to carbon dioxide emissions. Millions of dollars are being poured into research and technology by big auto companies trying to cater to demands for more efficient vehicles to save the Earth, and a large chunk of change. Many drivers do their part driving hybrids instead of gas-guzzlers, riding in carpools instead of by themselves, or taking public transportation every now and then.

However, we can save even more by changing our driving style. Many people are unaware that the way they do something as frivolous as shifting their gears can accrue over time and waste a surprising amount of fuel if not done correctly. Aggressive driving, driving in the rain, vehicle electronics and much more can be responsible for an excess in emissions that can be small when measured individually, but really adds up.

In order to reach a sustainable future, fuel efficiency must be scrutinized down to the last detail. Fiat, a UK auto company, has taken the lead by developing a system known as “eco:Drive” that helps drivers monitor their driving style. The program figures in the fuel they are wasting with their current driving patterns and provides insightful tips and advice for reducing emissions and increasing efficiency. When used effectively, eco:Drive has been known to save up to 15% of fuel consumption.

So here’s how eco:Drive works: the program uses a USB stick that plugs into your car and generates data about your driving patterns, such as acceleration, deceleration, gear changes, average speed, etc. You then upload the data onto your computer with the eco:Drive software that analyzes and provides tips on areas for improvement.

The only downside is that the software currently only works with Fiat cars. Hopefully, in the near future this technology can be applied to other car brands and models but for now, you won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of eco:Drive unless you grab a Fiat over in the UK.


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