The Eco Libris Program and Independent Publishers Like Write Bloody

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Earth Day 2010 and Going Green With Books

Happy Earth Day readers! This is the third year Easy Ways to Go Green has been around to celebrate Earth Day. As many of you know, I am also a writer. Last year, my first collection of short stories was published on a great press out of Long Beach, California. It’s called Write Bloody Books.

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In the past year, Write Bloody, along with many other publishers, joined forces with a very interesting earth-friendly company called Eco Libris. In a nutshell, a publisher agrees to a certain number of books that they would like to balance out their practice with, and then they pay a fee to Eco Libris, who in turn plants a tree for every one of those published books. Take some paper, plant a tree. And Write Bloody is a Planting Partner!

What Is Eco Libris? From the Company’s Mission:

“Eco-Libris is for everyone… a green company that enables people to do something reasonable, affordable yet with an impact: plant one tree for every book they read. We believe that taking responsibility for the environmental impact of the books we read is only natural.”

Write Bloody Books Takes Part in the Eco Libris Program

The marketing of books isn’t always a pleasant experience, and for many writers and publishers, this is a great answer. You can align the publishing house and its titles with a great, green cause, and give reviewers and readers something to talk about in addition to the stories and poems living in between the front and back covers of your book. It’s a nice little bonus that shows you and your publishing team are thinking about more than just your own efforts — that you’re conscious of the impact your practices may be making on the planet, and trying to offset any damage that may be done (accidentally or otherwise) in the process.

Write Bloody Author Karen Finneyfrock Talks About it on Her Blog

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Read more about Write Bloody and Eco Libris on Karen Finneyfrock’s blog.

Learn more about the program from the Eco Libris website.

And specifically, Eco Libris’s relation to Write Bloody Books.


  1. good initiative … more over i think its not only necessary to plant a tree … but taking its proper care is also very important….

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