5 Easy Ways to Green Clean Your Carpets

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Going Green When You Clean Your Carpets: Green Homes Tips

Organic CarpetCarpeting requires frequent cleaning to avoid indoor air pollution and maintain a clean appearance. The carpet can be one of the dirtiest places in a home and it also happens to be where we and especially our children and pets spend a lot of time on. However, many carpet cleaners, and especially spot removers are full of extremely powerful chemicals that can do more harm than good to indoor air quality and the environment as a whole.

A few of the most common carpet cleaning products contain dangerous chemicals including: pesticides, acids, lye and even formaldehyde. When these products are used on carpeting they are nearly impossible to completely remove and a residue remains that can pollute the air quality. Side effects from exposure to these chemicals can include: allergies, respiratory illnesses, and a weakened immune system. Furthermore, after use of these chemicals we tend to wash the rags or sponges used to apply them down our drains and this pollutes the groundwater.

Avoiding Chemicals When Cleaning Your Carpet and Going Organic in the Home

We can easily avoid using these dangerous chemicals in our homes and stick with all green cleaning products that clean just as well and do not cause any harm to us, our families, pets or the environment. Here are five easy ways to green clean you carpets and improve your air quality:

1. First, you can start with organic carpeting. Many non-organic carpet contain polypropylene and other toxic chemicals especially in the padding or if the fibers have been treated for stain-resistance. Beginning with organic carpeting will get you off to a great start to having a healthy green home. Also, these biodegradable carpets (typically made out of wool) will not pollute the environment once they are disposed of.

2. Deodorizing – Baking Soda works wonders. You can simply sprinkle over carpeting and leave on for an hour or even as long as overnight, then vacuum it up! Baking soda will not cause any harm to the carpet and will not pollute the air.

3. Spot cleaning – Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water and apply the mixture directly to the stain and let sit for several minutes (depending on the severity). To clean up use a sponge or rag and gently blot to avoid spreading of the stain. The process can be repeated if needed. For really tough stains a paste made of white vinegar and baking soda left on until dry then vacuumed works very well.

4. Maintenance – Vacuuming every few days will help a lot. By removing dust and dirt frequently there is less opportunity for it to become deeply embedded in the carpet and this will significantly improve indoor air quality and keep the carpeting looking new and clean.

5. It is also important to have carpets professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year. This will ensure the entire carpet all the way down to the padding is as clean and free of pollutants as much as possible. There many companies which provide green cleaning such as Ace Carpet Cleaning in San Diego. Ace and other green cleaning businesses will only use “Green Seal Certified” cleaning solutions, “Green Seal Approved” vacuums, and, very importantly, practice proper methods of disposing of the solutions.

We all want to ensure our families are as safe and healthy as possible, and by making simple switches, it’s easy to do so while also avoiding harm to the environment!

About the Author: S. Sparks is a writer for small businesses and online stores with an emphasis on health and beauty. Some of her most recent work includes articles at TVTopTen.com and Carpet Cleaning San Diego.

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  2. Be sure the carpet is completely dry before vacuuming or even walking on the carpet if possible. To keep dust particles down, vacuum the carpet often and change the vacuum cleaner bag often as well. Dust can settle in the bag and release particles into the air as you are vacuuming – defeating the whole purpose of cleaning your carpet!

  3. To keep allergens to a minimum, spray allergen removal chemicals on the carpet and upholstery occasionally. Leave them for a day or two, and then vacuum the carpet. Also, cover heavy traffic areas with rugs to protect the carpet.

  4. Carpet cleaning, for beautification, and the removal of stains, dirt, grit, sand, and allergens can be achieved by several methods, both traditional and modern. Clean carpets are recognized by manufacturers as being more visually pleasing, potentially longer-lasting, and probably healthier than poorly maintained carpets.”

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