Eco-friendly Shopping: Girls New Fashion Statement

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Ladies Get Wise(r) to the Green Movement With Fashion
eco friendly fashionOver past few years, the green revolution seems to have influenced the minds of people all around the world. A large majority of consumers are now equipped with a decent level of awareness about the environment.

This has influenced their way of life to a great extent, thus leading them towards eco-friendly products. But just because these people care for the environment doesn’t mean they have to make sacrifices in terms of style. In fact, eco-friendly products like shoes, cosmetics, wedding dresses, bags, jewelries etc. come with unique styles and creative designs which have made these products popular among both girls and ladies. Now these green based products have coined a new term — eco-friendly shopping — which is becoming a new fashion statement for girls and young ladies.

Eco-Friendly Shoes for Girls

The term eco-friendly footwear is a recently added term in everyday language. These environmentally friendly shoes are no longer hemp — ugly and burlap — but instead come in various styles and materials that are friendly to nature.

Though the definition of eco-friendly footwear is fairly broad, these types of shoes are typically made of durable, recycled material including organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, man-made leather and other materials, along with other strange-sounding materials such as recycled car tires and inner tubes; even environmentally friendly certified suede and leather makes an appearance in today’s green fashion for women.

Eco-friendly shoes can be called animal free, leather free, cruelty free or vegan footwear. You can find eco-friendly shoes for almost all the occasions and events, as well as for all weather and seasons, including winter and summer footwear. You can find both small and big brands participating in the green movement, with a wide range of options for girls and kids footwear.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Dresses

eco friendly wedding dressThe good news is that now, even brides can find a wide range of eco-friendly wedding dress options with great style. Every bride wants to look cool and beautiful on her big day, hence she wants the best wedding dress with unique style and charm.

There are number of choices available to find an eco wedding gown that has been produced locally and is handmade, vintage or used, from a new designer or even one that is available as a rental, thereby making the garment up for re-use. These eco-friendly wedding dresses are made up of nature friendly fabrics and materials, too.

You can find a simple wedding gown in a variety of colors, and ones that are made up of materials like hemp, beautiful bamboo, peace silk and organic cotton. The basic idea behind these green wedding dresses is elegance with sustainability and certainly a care and love for nature.

Eco-Friendly Bags for Girls

Every girl loves to have a special handbag; in fact, most women count their bag as the most basic basic necessity where they keep a number of important things like money, lipstick, hand or face creams, ID, credit cards, etc. Toting an environmentally friendly handbag around all day and night can make you feel good, and what’s more — they are very stylish while loving nature.

There is a number of small and big players who cater to eco-friendly hand bags made with recycled materials, including anything from candy wrappers to sea shells, old telephone books, juice boxes, scrap metal, license plates, and more. These eco-friendly handbags are produced employing environmentally friendly
procedures and techniques as well. These processes drastically shrink the use of fresh water and carbon dioxide, while they simultaneously limit energy consumption.

Eco-Friendly Makeup for Girls

Women can’t live without cosmetics. Ironically, the chemically based cosmetics have long and short-term negative side effects, besides the fact that they are often hostile to the environment. Considering switching to eco-friendly cosmetics can be a good deal, both in terms of one’s health and one’s concern for the environment.

Eco-friendly cosmetics for girls and women are typically made up of 100 percent certified organic ingredients that have a very minimal amount of side effects; they are also often wrapped in biodegradable packaging. With a bit of effort, you can easily find a wide range of cosmetic products that give you that sun-kissed glow in your face, or new contours in your features.

Various eco-friendly cosmetic products like blush, bronzer, highlighter, eye shadow, lipstick, and more, from different brands are helping girls and young women to stay young while they acquire a new, more eco-friendly beauty.

Eco-Friendly Lingerie for Girls

green panties

Even things like your bra and panties can be eco-friendly. You can be a sexy librarian who really just wants to save the Earth. You will find a number of clothing manufacturers who cater to the green lingerie movement for more eco-friendly women. These manufacturers produce cool bras and panties with frills, and silky sleep wear, or robes that are set in stunning tropical prints.

These are all products are made with certified organic cotton and eco-silk. These are sustainable and vintage fabrics meant to give you the feel of a soft second skin. You do not have to invest a fortune in order to look cool and sexy while saving the Earth, as many of these eco-friendly undergarments are available at affordable prices.

Eco-Friendly Jewelry for Girls

The taste for jewelry varies from one girl to another. You can find a wide range of eco-friendly jewelry designs made from recycled, re-purposed and vintage materials, and with creative and unique styles.

Some common eco-friendly jewelry includes rings, pendants, and necklaces that are made up of various recycled and nature-friendly materials like rescued ebony wood. These necklaces appeal to girls the most. They are crafted from things like recycled soda and water bottles, Bakelite gaming pieces, recycled records and so on.

Bracelets are adornments that can easily brighten a lady’s wardrobe. The vast number of eco-friendly bracelets are made up of red choclo seeds, interior coil, recycled Columbian pesos, vinyl records, and other novel materials. And eco-friendly earrings tend to come in a wide range of shapes and sizes too.

You can find a number of manufacturers trying different recyclable things like sweet tooth, ice cream containers, SMA RF connectors, recycled glass and more.

Today, more and more manufacturers are venturing into the market, coming up with different eco-friendly products like dresses, cosmetics, shoes, and jewelry. This is obviously because of the growing awareness and concern for the environment which has been seen more often during the last couple of years. By relying on and purchasing any of the above eco-friendly products, girls and women are now making eco-friendly shopping the new fashion statement.

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    Thanks a billion for writing about eco-friendly fashion options! There’s so much out there. And the best part? We’re not only supporting the earth, we’re supporting each other: lots of eco-friendly designers are artists who’ve starting small businesses and who do all the creating in the USA, with no sweatshops involved. Eco-friendly is also people-friendly!

    Keep getting the good word out!

    Lori Del Genis,
    Director and Dressmaker, Conscious Elegance Handmade Eco Wedding Dresses

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