Eco-Friendly Power Strip: Monster PowerCenter

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Eco Power Strip: Monster Products Go Green

Digital Life Green power MDP-900 Power Center from MonsterBeing Eco-conscious can be expensive, and I am sure I speak for many of us when I say that it would be so much easier (and probably a lot more universal?) if it were cheaper and easier. So maybe we have to work a bit harder, but one has to believe it’s worth it. When it comes to electricity in the home, many people do not know that audio/video components often continue to draw power, merely by being plugged into the wall — whether they are in use or not.

Now there’s a solution. The Digital Life GreenPower MDP900 PowerCenter from Monster. It’s not cheap, but it just might be worth it given the potential savings year over year on your power bill. Spend up front to save down the line, and restore more power to the grid rather than sucking up power you don’t even really get to enjoy! (It’s not like you’re watching the TV when it’s off and you’re asleep or at work, right?!)

On the list of components in the home that continue to drain power when they’re in the standby position? Oh — just a few.
Printers, scanners, and other computer peripherals
Blu-ray player, DVDs, VCRs, TVs and other home entertainment products

So rather than unplugging every single thing in your house every time you’re done using them (that’s a lot to ask if you’ve got a lot of stuff plugged in), just get the Monster PowerCenter for the areas where you’ve got a ton of plug-ins, and insert all of them into the device. An added bonus: use it with your computer, and it will automatically sense when you power down or put it to sleep, and cut all the power to the peripherals. The device itself is priced at $129.99 at your local Best Buy.

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  2. Power Wizard allows the user to totally controll all electronic home theatre equipment from ZERO power usage, to full operational power , using nothing other than their existing “in use” remotes or universal remote.
    Watch DVD?
    DVD+Amp+TV turn ON at the press of the DVD remotes power On button , and OFF at the press of same button. ie.. NO stand-by power use. etc etc.
    Works for your computer as well as it is also responsive to Bluetooth.

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