Eco-Friendly Fashion Made From Plastic Bags!

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Fashion Goes Green With Recycled Plastics and Packaging
Reiter8 Eco Fashion
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that American companies toss out 7.6 billion tons of waste each year. Instead of keeping it in the trash, fashion designers have started recycling plastic bags and garbage, or post-consumer and industrial waste, into new accessories sported by celebrities and coveted by the rest of us.

Ecoist, an eco-fashion label, partnered with Coca-Cola, Aveda and Luna bar to make handbags from leftover packaging. Ecoist has sold over 100,000 products in the last four years, making them one of the most profitable companies to turn waste in wearable accessories. According to Ecoist co-founder Jonathan Marcoschamer, “We tap into that source of waste because it is reliable, and unfortunately, it’s abundant.”

Eco-Fashion Companies on the Rise

Reiter8, another recycling tote bag maker, uses recycled boat sails. Vy&Elle takes vinyl billboard ads and makes wallets and bags. Anna Built creates handmade jewelery from recycled tin cans. Timbuk2, known for its messenger bags made from plastic bags, has run into legal issues concerning logos on the leftover plastic.

Target called for the company to stop making the bags last September when it found out its bull’s-eye design was part of the bags. “We believed that the prominent use of our bull’s-eye design mark implied a sponsorship or affiliation with Timbuk2 that did not exist at that time,” said Target in a statement. Timbuk2 is cooperating and admits it was their fault, but the idea of creating unique bags based on an eco-friendly policy and neighborhood trash is what keeps the company in business. In the meantime, mass produced bags like these will have to wait, but it looks as though discarded materials will start finding another use instead of sitting in a landfill.

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  1. 7.6 billion bags that are just going to waste is ridiculous. Re-using them and turning them into fabulous fashionable bags is a wonderful idea. And it’s in style to because going green and eco-fashion are two of the hottest trends in 2008, so you can’t go wrong. Find the perfect environmental friendly outfit with some hot bamboo accessories and you are in the game.

    I live and breathe fashion and just went all the green, so this is something that is right up my alley. I was sold once I found out that my favorite designers were converting to the green side also. I mean, I was also all for recycling and carpooling to help the pollution issue, but I was never fully committed. I was afraid of becoming one of those tree hugging type chicks, but I’m not like that at all. I’ve made a few changes here and there that I am satisfied with and help mother earth too. One of the biggest changes that I’ve made so far was bioheat and I give it its props, especially during the winter. It’s something I can’t live without during the cold seasons along with my ugg boots.

    Working for NORA has encouraged me to be green all year around instead of just on earth day. The cool thing is I didn’t even have to make any drastic changes. I got some really great tips from:

    Check it out and see what other kinds of cool tips there are that may work for you.

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