Eco Cup Thermal and Non-Thermal Reusable Coffee Cups

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Eco Cup Reusable Coffee Cups: Morning Coffee Goes Green

Eco Cup Reusable Coffee Cups Display

Browsing around the office supply chain store a couple of weeks ago, I rounded a corner and found, of all things, this handsome little display. I think to myself, over and over, just how many disposable coffee cups and plastic lids and cardboard sleeves are we collectively burning through every single day, year after year. As the coffee craze seems to have permanently taken hold over American consumers, with coffee chains of every block in most cities and towns, the reality is that waste materials from our daily habit add up to something significant, quickly. So to remedy that — the Eco Cup is here!

How the Eco Cup Reusable Coffee Cup Works

Eco Cup Store Display 2Offered in two different and equally cool versions, the Eco Cup uses simple “technology” to maintain your beverage temperature while completely eliminating waste materials, even the recyclable ones, commonly associated with buying your morning coffee from the coffee bar.

Both versions are 3.5″ wide at the mouth, and 6″ tall, nearly exactly the same as a small coffee cup, and each is white in color. Both of the cups are made of porcelain, and each features the same silicone lid that prevents spills, maintains beverage temperature and can withstand microwave and dishwasher heat up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit.

The difference? The first version holds ten ounces of liquid, and features a dual-layer interior: the inside “cup” holds the coffee, while the outside shell stays cool to the touch due to a hollow cavity between the two.

The second version, larger in volume (16 fluid ounces), has just a single wall of porcelain, but in order to withstand potentially hot temperatures from coffee, also comes with a silicone “sleeve” much like the recyclable cardboard sleeve you see at the coffee bar.

More Pictures of the Eco Cup Reusable Coffee Cup

Eco Cup Logo

Eco Cup: How to Clean

How to Clean the Eco Cup

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      Thanks for the comment. I’ve seen them displayed at places like office supply chain stores, Staples, I believe it was. There are also versions available at places like Peet’s coffee, if I am not mistaken.

      Lastly, their website is here and you should be able to order online direct:
      email them here:
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  1. Am very interest in your coffee cups for my cafe! Do you do coffee shop names on these cups and what is the cost involved!

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